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The real version of "The Wizard of Oz" alpine meadow, I dug out the treasure at the bottom of the photographer's press box


1、Ji'an in Jiangxi,Been underestimated for too long.
2、现实版“绿野仙踪”,高山草甸,I dig out the treasure of the photographer and following the closet
实不相瞒,在此之前,Peaches only know Angie,It's the place where Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is located.
殊不知,in the neighboring province of Jiangxi,There's another place with a super-similar name,叫 吉安.
There is no such bamboo forest in Ji'an,But it hides a little-known hundred-year desperation,fairy tale forest,And the dense.
要我说,This is the real version“绿野仙踪”~
城市里呆久了,偶尔,I also want to go for a walk in the ancient forest,Breathe in truly natural air~
On the banks of the Gan River, south of Jintan Natural Village, Zhujia Village, Taihe County, Ji'an City

China has many primitive mysteries,Originally discovered by donkey friends or photographers,才渐渐为人所知.
“金滩古林”就是这样一个地方,It is the creative base of Jiangxi Photographic Association~
金滩古林,即泰和麻州,In jiangxi people known as the gan river.
因江水长年冲积,Formed a large flat lawn,水草丰茂.
岸边,It's this old little forest.
@qzmChina the conde
walk in the small forest,Trees seem to have the power to heal everything,Anxiety always disappears quickly.
林内古木参天,郁郁葱葱.其中最多的,When the ancient camphor tree,
Camphor trees growing in the forest、枫树、油珠树等多种名贵树种,Age of registered number200年以上的古树就有200多株.
meet a local,Said that this piece of ancient camphor has reached800年之久.
So many ancient camphor tree,The source is related to a small village nearby.
据说,The people from the village next to the ancient forest,Reading is great,800年来,The imperial examinations are exhausted and jinshi.When the jinshi came home, they planted camphor trees at the location of the ancient forest.,历朝历代,This custom never stops.So today it's already lush.
It's very cool in this ancient forest now,And even people with mosquito physique don't have to worry,Because the smell of camphor tree will repel mosquitoes.
So it doesn't matter if you wear a skirt~
Camping in the forest is also great.Pitch a small tent in the forest,put on a napkin,摆好零食~start walking around with friends,chat from time to time.
encounter fog,I feel the most beautiful.Sunshine into the forest,
@stupid bird
秋日,Some wild fruits hang on the tree.
Walking through the branches and leaves in the woods,The funniest thing is suddenly bumping into a dumb cow,accidentally glanced at.
有时候觉得,Except for the camphor tree,Cow is the highlight of the forest...有了他们,All the woods come alive~
crossing the Gan River,There is a tower nearby.The name is not serious,called dog brain tower...But the story is actually a little sad,It was built by the owner to commemorate the loyal dog who died for himself.
The scenery in autumn is beautiful is dead!
afternoon in the forest,Cell phone signal is not very good,has a rare focus.
Time becomes as light as a feather,like where the light hits.
starting to suffer,But by the time to go back,I don't want to go.
@stupid bird
讲了这么多,其实吧,Beautiful scenery of Ji'an, Jiangxi,远非如此.
Except for the ancient forests of the forest system,Here the mountain and meadow,It's a private treasure of ALICE.
Just share it with you all at once~
青 / 原 / 山 
Qingyuan District, Ji'an City

Zhejiang people have Mogan Mountain,Are you from Ji'an?,Qingyuan Mountain is enough.
There is a Jingju Temple on the mountain,that's really“天上云居”.
This is a tang dynasty temple,The Seven Patriarchs of Zen,It is also a Buddhist holy place in the south of the Yangtze River..
Fame is great,often have japan、Koreans come to find their roots.
Qingyuan Mountain also has a lovely succulent garden,Along with the gender and freely is growing.
武 / 功 / 山 
萍乡orGian Anfu

go for a soft leg,But people can't help but think twice.
徒步旅行,is the body in hell,眼睛在天堂!Many people love the sea of ​​clouds and sunrise on the meadow.
武功山地跨三市,萍乡,吉安,宜春.can go from Pingxiang,Can start from gian.
Anfu in Ji'an has now repaired the road to Santianmen,Drive to the mid-mountain of Wugong Mountain,just on foot1You can reach the Golden Summit in more than an hour,the highest peak.
This is much easier than the Pingxiang direction(If you don't take the ropeway in the direction of Pingxiang, it is only the way to go4个小时)
Along the way is a wilderness of few people,cool mountain breeze,very refreshing~
另外,The accommodation here is average,Many people choose to bring their own tents.(weight,Let's share together~
@classmate roo
这样,Not only can you see the sunset on the grassland.
(I accidentally thought I was in Mongolia
I can still see the sunrise that is shivering from the cold but warm in my heart.
如果想更进一步,Watch the invincible sunrise over the sea of ​​clouds,提前看天气预报,Choose to go on a rainy day.这感觉 真.上天~
 出 / 行 / 指  / 南 
Buy tickets at Ji'an bus station to Anfu,20元
Carpool from Anfu to Wugong Mountain,约25Yuan up and down
(There is a direct bus to Wugong Mountain,But it is said to be slow,看运气)

Just ask the photographers around you
What other treasures do you have?

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