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Hangzhou's new 7 free online celebrity photo spots, 2019 likes to explode the circle of friends depends on it!

In this paper, by the Chinese New Year eat into smalljujuUnderstand the younger sister editorial
The pig on my first day,Open the door red packets received?
回到杭州,Understand the younger sister to have a year the most shining girl
这不,I tidy up the sweet
2018Explosion in hangzhou red
7A free web celebrity photos
2019In critical circle of friends of girls photos
Choose to take here!
今天,我要介绍7个2018Rushed at stardom in the outdoor pictures of the holy land!更小众、更隐蔽、A performance more clap aINS风、The wind moving、Outside the wind、宫廷风…All kinds of large.
这7A place to go for a walk in the corner of the hangzhou,Some hidden in the heart of the city's hidden,Some trying to run to yuhang、转塘…But free and rarely hit the tourists!当然啦,Thoughtful understand sister even photo Angle、穿搭指南、Revised figure filter all help you prepare for the.
And this strategy
It is said that collect7Where can take off a single!


Can clap a bitter desolate wind large
地点:Turn phoenix creative garden pond street creative road1号
Turn pond little Iceland is suddenly a fire at the end of,In fact, every time I see this“Where is pretending to be a”The web celebrity places,I hesitate to heart,Understand sister see little sister with built-in oven to cook instant noodles,Incredibly enviously,Immediately ran to the!
If the area,Really are not too big in all has a lake and the two hills on both sides of the,有意思的是,Side of the mountain texture vengeance
So can clap a hangzhou few desolate feeling.
The lake is very clear,仔细看的话,Still can see the sink in the bottom of the boat,整个“小冰岛”The sense that gives a person is endless desolate,Only with some colour is sign,Is this color,Can make a lot of good movies.
And a cold asphalt,Some say the road to Iceland is like.
当然啦,Understand the younger sister of this group of photos also added diu diu filters

2.上城区·The west lake view of cool place

Able to take out the coolest light areas

地点:adidas 杭 州 品 牌 中 心
The hidden in the adidas web celebrity who is on the third floor recently burst fire
Understand the younger sister to go to,There are a lot of web celebrity little sister in the pictures
It is close toin77The end of the line the window
Can see the oppositeLV
Outside is littering the zebra crossing
The overall feeling is quite fashionable
And again in the evening the face of such as,金碧辉煌的,Have a station in the center of the universe dreamy sense,It is equipped with tea coffee
Can also take some photos for a drink,很悠闲.

3.余杭区·Frigid winds DaWuDing

Dark wind dark wind fairy heart good
photo by The southern bell
Liangzhu culture and art center we already very familiar with,Understand the younger sister last year the first time to take you to clock in xiao libraries.The waterfront building is by the famous Japanese architect tadao ando pritzker prize winner to design,Its roof is particularly striking,So we all affectionately call it“大屋顶”.
对我来说,DaWuDing is really far,Also is beautiful!There are cherry blossoms in the spring、油菜花,In the summer have fair,All the year round with elegant xiao libraries,And is the diablo series with a large.
Tough the cement wall of the wind has always been a concave shape good place,灰色的,The wall of the dirty,很有味道,But understand sister still recommend
Must wear more bright when he goes.
对了,Go to DaWuDing capture the light is very interesting,Open the roof of the triangular skylights in here,In the sunny evening,Can see the trace of light on.

4 滨江区·城市

Building large hangzhou printing

Hangzhou has landmark movies
去年,Suzhou special fire pyramid,We are in the city looking for a special landmark.很意外地,Hangzhou seal was selected.讲真,Hangzhou as a person never think hangzhou where print look good,Sitting opposite me colleagues even ridicule:The elephant nose a.
But it is the wonderful work of hangzhou printing,Standing in the avenue of stars on the roof,以它为背景拍摄,我的天!效果相当震撼!

5 .上城区·“Asia,”车厢

Mystery tenth level abandoned car,Clap a decadent beauty

拍摄地点:Shanghai railway worker training base
The abandoned car special red in the summer,网上传的神乎其神,In the mountains to find…呵呵.其实“Asia,”并不难找,Shanghai railway worker training base,Just then poured into too many people cause security eldest brother don't do it,Say to seal a month,Don't take,Now unlock,Just don't let into the main entrance,Also could not enter the car took.
The carriage is such a,Again a little bit hard,Is the combine.Now you can't in to take,Now we are going to go from path
From the mountain of brahma temple road,About half an hour can also walk to,In can't shoot,But it is outside of the fire compartment is a decadent beauty
Especially heat retreat now,It is equal to the contracted car.

6 .西湖区·The most photogenic free museum

Can make the court of senior wind

Don't need to show MOE,Don't need to sell goods,The China national silk museum is the stair with a fire!螺旋的楼梯就像流淌的白色的绸缎,圆顶被木条分成一道道的,跳跃的光线被分割地投洒下来,格外迷人.
而你要是站在下头,以这座楼梯为背景拍摄,那就不是一个“好看”能概括全的,But dear,This is the senior beauty!

7.滨江区·Strange graffiti wall

Suitable for cool girl to go to take a picture of the new cool oh

地点:Longhu binjiang Yin7Building blocks air
Finally, to share a web celebrity graffiti wall,Hidden in the riverside longhu Yin7楼,The elevator can directly to where graffiti are rich
A perverse、小清新的、Jas. Cool…
There are few people know should,Understand when younger sister to see only sporadic several on taobao,The scene and barbed wire、Gear design
Also can produce industrial wind real photos.
对了,The top and free locker room,Is this painted“This is the dressing room”Mark's room,The mirror is in、衣架等
可以免费使用1个小时,When you go can take several sets of clothes oh.
More than just know the younger sister in the heart2018年杭州7Great personality pictures to!
A week to a,Every minute a beautiful photo
Eyeing a place,We can go out the wave
Welcome back to hangzhou
Let's continue to 'em barge in the city together

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