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Xiamen Travel Photography | exposure travel photography photographer Xiamen Island and Gulangyu shooting strategy

by ice

The same travel photography is recommended :

  Shoot out 200% The beauty of , Canon 5D3 The above equipment is a professional travel photographer ;
 N Choose one mainstream scenic spot , Botanical garden 、 Gulangyu island 、 Sand slope tail 、 Zeng cuolong and so on , See the full text of the strategy below for details ;
   Send all the negatives for one trip , More than just a lot of , Choose pictures to refine and outline your happiness ;
1~6 people ,1~8 Hours , Multiple scenic spots are available , Humanized options meet your needs !

Take a map

  The location of Xiamen travel photography for everyone is :

Botanical garden / Gulangyu island / Zhongshan Road / Confession wall / Xiamen University / Sand slope tail / Cat Street / Once adjacent An / Unfinished building / Roundabout road / Bubble house / Home stay
by ice

Botanical garden - Wanghong outdoor studio

tickets :30 element , You can swipe your ID card to enter , You can also buy it on site , Large hand-painted maps will be presented for window purchase ;
Location : The west gate of Tiger Park Road enters , Online tickets can only enter from here ;
reason : The park is divided into distinctive sandy plant areas 、 tropic zone 、 Gymnosperm area, etc , Match with fairy fog 、 Stone Bridge 、 Wooden plank road , The photographic material is very rich , It is worthy of being highly praised by netizens “ Outdoor studio ”;
Duration : The botanical garden has a large area , Walk more , Suggest 2 hours ;
dress : Plain colour 、 light colour , White dress is especially recommended , Beauty is not square , Suggest 1-2 Dress up ;
The props : hair hoop ( Antlers 、 Grass ball, etc )、 Transparent umbrella 、 sunglasses 、 hat ;
other : Remember to bring sunscreen products ;

Ⅰ Rainforest area

Rainforest spray Time :
So you can shoot in the morning and afternoon , If it's sunny , The beam of light penetrated the fog through the gaps in the leaves , It will look particularly artistic . You can refer to the following guest films :

Ⅱ Shasheng District

Large scale restoration of desert vegetation and landform in sandy areas , A casual pat is the feeling of the Sahara in North Africa ~ Various forms of cactus 、 Cactus are everywhere , You will be involuntarily attracted to them .

Ⅲ Fleshy area

Cute meat is popular , Eat all ages , The fleshy area of the botanical garden is next to the sandy area , Two huge glass houses , There are all kinds of meat , You can shoot enough at a time .

Ⅳ Songshan District

The west gate comes in and leads to Songshan garden along the path on the left of Wanshi lake , You can take the reflection of Metasequoia and pool water , The path on the right leads to the Araucaria lawn , There is a wide view of leisure grassland , Light and dark mottled shadows in the forest . People like to have picnics here 、 gossip , It's like walking into a brightly colored oil painting .

Gulangyu island Wanguo fairy tale town

Steamer ticket :35 element / Back and forth , Focus on " Xiamen Ferry Company " Public number to buy ;
Location : Xiamen Dongdu cruise terminal ( Day ), Xiamen ferry terminal ( night navigation );
reason : Needless to say , If you come to Xiamen, you must go ;
Duration :4-10 Hours ,1-2 God ;
dress : Gulangyu has many flowers and plants 、 The architectural background is also complex , It is recommended that at least half of the body wear solid color , In order to highlight yourself ;
The props : sunglasses 、 hat 、 The umbrella 、 The camera 、 drinks 、 Fruit snacks 、 Hair hoop... Wait , Anything is possible ;

Ⅰ The most beautiful corner

Turn right after coming out of sanqiutian wharf ,3 Minutes to arrive “ The most beautiful corner ”, spouse 、 Couples especially like it here , Maybe it's because 《 Corner meeting love 》 The TV play . There is a large flow of people here , It takes patience to shoot .
“ People are in trouble ”—— Xiamen online red card “ literature ” Journey take by Lazy girl
If you wait too long , You might as well go to the No. of Gulangyu 2 corner , The walking route is difficult to describe , You can ask the Islanders with photos .


The most beautiful corner is on the right hand side , Go to the third fork , Turn left into Guxin road , Go to HSBC residence , It's also a great place to shoot . The place is easy to recognize , Below the HSBC residence is the big banyan tree 、 Cliff stone carving 、 Stone steps . Go up 5 It's minutes , You can also see the red roof of Bagua building of organ hall on the lawn .

Ⅲ Moonlight rock

It's hard to find here , Little is known about ,2017 The rise of , Tourists began to come and go , The government quickly replaced strong iron stairs and fences . Go straight through the HSBC residence path for about 3 minute , The big stone on the right is hidden behind the leaves . Climbing the Moonstone can 270° Watch the sea view on the other side of Gulangyu Island .

Ⅳ Joint trial court

Free visit to the joint trial court , There are many historical materials in it , It records the Qing Dynasty 、 Cases of people being tried on Gulangyu during the period of the Republic of China .

Ⅴ Li Jiazhuang

Except for a few architectural attractions that charge tickets , There are not many antique renovations and free visits , Lijiazhuang is one of them . It is actually a specialty store , Except for the noisy ground floor , The stairs above the second floor include wooden handrails , Both are ideal locations for indoor travel photography . Especially the roof , You can overlook the panoramic view of Gulangyu , Belong to a few people know 「 The peak point outside the fan 」.

Ⅵ Meihua beach

Compared with the crowded back beach of Aberdeen , Meihua beach is close to neicuo'ao wharf with fewer people , There are two advantages here : One is to reduce the embarrassment of passers-by entering the camera ; Second, the curve of Meihua beach is larger and more beautiful . Every evening , Point to the perspective center of the photo with the beach as the guide line , The sunset glow is reflected on the sea with distinct colors , The feeling of being able to shoot movie posters .

Ⅶ Xiamen Academy of Arts and crafts, Fuzhou University

Here is 1% The choice of people , The Academy of fine arts on Gulangyu , Yes 2 Ways to open :
You can put your loneliness 、 Perverse 、 wild and intractable 、 Ghost , Find a place where no one is watching and let go ;
You can also put your youth 、 lively 、 The ancient spirit is exquisite and strange , Stay in every corner of the campus ;

Xiamen University

tickets : No tickets required , Focus on U Xiamen University Public No ;
Location : Siming District ;
reason : Xiamen University is famous for its overseas Chinese architecture and culture , have a style of one 's own , It is the location of many film and television dramas ;
Duration :1-2 Hours ;
dress : With children 、 The student's dress is very suitable ;
The props : glasses ;

Ⅰ First string

The playground of Xiamen University is very domineering , It's called the upper chord field , Also called a martial arts arena , Because this is indeed the site of Zheng Chenggong's martial arts field . The facilities of the martial arts arena are well maintained , The atypical blue runway is more youthful , Just change your school uniform , You can change the painting style of middle school in seconds , The twin towers can also be photographed in the foreground . In addition, the gallery of Qunxian building in the style of overseas Chinese , It is also a very famous tourist attraction of Xiamen University .

Ⅱ Furong Tunnel

Furong tunnel is famous for the graffiti of its colleges , In especial “ I love you! , bye ” It has become a landmark wall of punch in graffiti , In addition, there are stars and so on .

Ⅲ Academic Building

Find a teaching building , Reminiscent of your school days , Think about flying down the stairs happily after class , Maybe go to the canteen , Maybe go on a date , Maybe go shopping , Maybe go to exercise ~

Sand slope tail · Yanwu bridge

Location : Near Xiamen University 、 Twin Tower
reason : The more intense the contradiction is , The more artistic cells gather , Young people with taste and ideas , Create a variety of stores with interesting decoration , Fishing boats and art shops in the old city form a very dramatic picture . The beach under Yanwu bridge , Fewer people , With light 、 Twin Tower 、 Yanwu bridge as the background ,
Duration :1 Hours
dress : You can set yourself free
The props : Various items inside and outside the store

Cat Street

Another popular tourist attraction in Xiamen is here ! There are big statues of lovely cats everywhere , A wall full of colorful cartoon cats , The point is that there are cats , A real cat feels good when it can roll , Cat loving parents can't miss . The only thing to pay attention to is not to wear too plain clothes , Otherwise, it is easy to be dominated by the background .
Cat Street by Ayin iris

Roundabout road

Location : Along Huandao South Road , Once adjacent An 、 Huang CuO
reason : This is actually the finishing touch of Xiamen Road Garden , Carefully planned palm greening coastal footpath , Seamless connection with the unobstructed Pacific Ocean View , There are also cultural and creative fishing villages dominated by snacks , It can capture the feeling of Japanese seaside .
Duration :1 Hours
dress : Free to play
other : Uncompleted residential buildings are 2018 year 10 The month is closed , Not yet open

Ⅰ Huangcuo seashore

Huangcuo seaside is the favorite photography place of Huandao Road for many photographers , Here is the sea 、 There is a beach 、 There is grass 、 There are groves , And there are fewer tourists , Easy to film , This is what the natural photography base says .

Ⅱ Bubble house

2018 In, xiaohongshu was suddenly popular in the bubble house , Located in Junwei Art Park, Huangcuo, Huandao Road . A dozen bubble rooms with different themes , Do not use masonry building materials , Only use the principle of air blowing to make the room “ prop up ”. Flamingo 、 Sunflower 、 Starry sky 、 Huahai, etc , You can take photos in surreal fantasy style .
Bubble house by GiGi

Zhongshan Road · Lujiang road

Location : Zhongshan Road 、 Lujiang road ;
reason : The rows of arcades on Zhongshan road have a very visual impact , Lujiang road is lined with high-rise buildings along the coast , Neon lights reflect the prosperity of the city ;
Duration :1-2 Hours ;
dress : It is suggested that large bright plain colors , It can better highlight itself in the messy background and night scenery
The props : Anything?

Ⅰ Zhongshan Road

Zhonghua city is on Zhongshan Road , One of its corners can be photographed on both sides at the same time , Arcades extending along the road , Especially at the dawn , When the sky is still water blue , In particular, it can reflect the temperature of overseas Chinese buildings in the Republic of China incisively and vividly , The light on Zhongshan road also makes the portrait shooting more soft and shiny .

Ⅱ Lujiang road · Confession wall

Located on Lujiang road CBD Next to Starbucks in Linghui square in the block , On the wall with the blue background of the lake, I love you written in the languages of various countries , Show your personality without losing your international style . This position is also facing Gulangyu , You can not only photograph the beautiful night scenery of the whole Lujiang road and Gulangyu , And you can also go up to the terrace on the fourth floor from Starbucks , Drinking coffee and looking at the sea .
Advertising wall

The seaside park

Only 10% Our guests will choose here , In fact, the seaside park faces the sea 、 There are large areas of grassland , The site is wide , There is also an amusement park , Also a lot of fun . Look at the guest film below , I can't believe it was taken in a city park .

Railway Park

One of the entrances of the railway park is next to the botanical garden , It takes about time to walk from Huyuan road to Wenzao 1.5 Hours , Along the way, there are three plum sticks sticking out of the branches , Suitable for taking small and fresh photos . No tickets required .

Home stay

There are many characteristic B & Bs in Xiamen , At this time, it depends on the photographer's great powers , Photographers have familiar resources that can be taken to the inside of the B & B for shooting , Choose a room that shares your style , It's also a good theme , Just understand the deep meaning , Willfulness is also one of the important characteristics of travel photography !
Home stay
Home stay

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