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When apricots are yellow, the sun is fine (2)

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What a beautiful apricot

      I have been addicted to apricots for many years ? I can't help thinking of my mother . She likes apricots , I also like almonds .

      The day when we eat apricots is always very sunny . Summer grassland , The sky is so pure and distant , Not a cloud could be seen . I looked up at the boundless blue for countless times , In my heart, countless happy and moving emotions arise , Want to jump up high , Want to laugh loudly . The bluer the sky is, the more the apricot trees are planted in the courtyard , The apricots covered with branches became more and more yellow , Waving to me in a flash , It emits apricot fragrance . Once upon a time , The apricots on the grassland are yellow in August .

    “ Selling apricots ! Picked early in the morning !”

      An old woman with a basket 、 The old man squatted at the gate of the mechanism and shouted . I heard , Of course, my mother also heard . I ran away , Mother didn't follow . Two baskets of yellow apricots , Yellow and red , Fresh and watery , It made me swallow . The neighbors are asking for prices , bargaining . I looked back at my mother anxiously , She always stood behind the crowd , Take your time to watch the excitement . The crowd finally dispersed , Mother walked over calmly :“ How much is left ? Make it cheaper give it to me WOW , I want it all .” The other party sold it to his mother .

      The mother in the red brick house , Wash the apricots and bring them out , On the round table . We children rushed up , Enjoy apricots with my mother . Mother's spleen and stomach have been bad since childhood , Only greedy apricots and frozen persimmons . And apricots come down in season , It was the warmest and brightest summer of the year , Mother's eating apricots is especially relaxing . She sat comfortably in her chair , A head of straight hair was a little disordered by the summer wind . She was dressed in plain cloth , There was a special pleasure and warmth in his eyes . The bright sunlight shone on her face through the glass , Especially like the working women in the paintings of the Dutch painter Vermeer , The expression is quiet and soft , Bear hardships with patience . She gently broke the apricot with her hand , Pick out the apricots and put them in another bowl , Then eat two apricots in a relaxed and happy way . I unconsciously learn from her , Eating apricots happily . The local yellow apricots are not big , But sweet and sour taste . That taste must be apricot itself , It also shows the sweetness of picking , The sweet taste is calculated according to the length of time away from the branch . I always remember the moment when I ate apricots , Ripe apricots are red in yellow , Like a shy little girl . Break open the two pieces of apricot , Showing the trembling apricot stone , Two apricot petals present a perfect arc , Clean heart , Reveal the unique pure beauty of apricot . No doubt. , This must be a good apricot soon after it leaves the branch .

      One summer , There are threeorfive times when you can eat apricots like this , Every time I eat apricot stone , Mother washed them carefully , Hang them on the windowsill one by one . Soon , The northern sun bleached them , The case is slightly rough , Stay on the windowsill as if nothing had happened , I watched our children play around during the summer vacation .

      White apricot stone , Even if it is used for grasping and playing , Just pick a few at random , Play when I take my sister home “ bowl ” Meat buns and other delicious food in the restaurant ; It is also my favorite when playing Gobang , Play for a long time , Become smooth , The color turns dark brown , Knead it in your hand and creak . The rest of the army are almonds , After dinner one evening , The stars have not yet appeared , The western sky is still covered with beautiful burning clouds , If there is residual heat at the bottom of the pot , Mother grabbed a handful of almonds from the windowsill , Squat on the doorstep and hit it seriously with a small ax , Bang bang , The apricot stone split into two pieces , The lovely peach heart almond jumped out . Mother told me to sweep away the dregs . She put 7—8 Throw almonds into a slightly heated pot , Pull with a shovel for a while , Almonds gradually turn yellow , issue “ Card bar, card bar ” The sound of , When the fragrance runs all over the room , It's time to get out of the pot .

      however , When mother excitedly fried almonds , Put it on the plate , Just a little . When you give us something to eat , Each person has a point 2 star . Her expression suddenly became serious again , The voice is very solemn :“ You can't eat more almonds ! Eat more poisonous !” She emphasized the word "toxic" again , The little flames of terror hidden in our eyes staring at our children , Lest we should not hear , Don't believe . Her whole upper body was a little nervous , Even her tense expression looked like “ My information is true , Absolutely no nonsense ” Underground • Special commissioners of the party . I dare not believe it ?! She picked up an almond , Like operating a secret • Working like , Hold your breath , Carefully break off the bitterest part with your hands : Head and tail , Then put the remaining almonds in your mouth and taste them , Chew , Smile and swallow :“ delicious ! Bitter incense !” We children have long been greedy , She took the lead in eating , It particularly appeals to my appetite , So I also picked up almonds and pinched their heads and tails , Imitate mother's action to eat almonds . Sure enough , The unique taste of almonds and the bitter taste , It's really an indescribable chic taste ! Especially the pain , It's not the taste of bitter medicine , But mixed with almond fragrance , Mother must have been used to this special taste since childhood . I eat like my mother , Become addicted to this special taste . Mother's advice on eating bitter almonds , Repeat every time you eat , Never forget to say it again , Like watching a wonderful play again and again in Penghao theater , I always remember all the details .

      I don't know until I grow up , About almonds , What mother said was all right ! Almonds contain amino acid , eat 40~60 Grains can be poisoned ,50~100 Grains can kill . Children take it orally 5 Granules cause poisoning , clothing 10 The remaining grains can be fatal . Mother eats roasted almonds , I guess I learned it from my grandma when I was young , Therefore, it will inherit the rule of eating almonds that has been passed down from ancient times . She keeps a strict control on the amount we eat , So it's always safe . Mei Mei said that she also remembered the little bit left after eating roasted almonds when she was a child , I can't stand the bitter taste .

      Mother smashes almonds every time 、 Roasted almonds 、 The process of eating almonds , I remember so clearly , It's more accurate than eating apricot . When I grow up , The farther away from my mother , The more I can feel her influence in my life . Now, knowing that bitter almonds are indeed slightly poisonous, I wash and dry them and collect them , Why? ? The child is unconsciously imitating his mother . I'm not going to break the apricot stone to get the apricot , Just like a still life, drying in a small plate on the windowsill , Paint the face of a troublemaker in all colors . I often see apricots , It's like magic , Mother will appear . That life love calligraphy 、 She loves Tang poetry and Song poetry , Walking briskly under the blue sky that month , Covered with golden sunshine ……

      Eating delicious apricots , And I think of my other loving mother —— Three aunt . The best apricot I've ever eaten in my life comes from my dear third aunt's house . If the delicious degree of fresh apricots is calculated by the length of time away from the branches , Then the apricot that my third aunt gave me , Is the most delicious , Unique in the world !

      Third aunt is also my mother , Because I grew up eating her milk . To nurse me , She broke my sister Ban's milk . Whenever the cheeky I suck the milk of my third aunt , Little sister ban, who is still at the age of craving milk, won't fight or fight , Take the initiative to turn your back and stand in the corner , When I finish my milk , She just turned around . The third aunt went to work and came back , Sister ban and I were at Grandma's door , Waiting for the third aunt to go home with a hoe , The two men shouted “ Mom ” Rush to run to hug . The whole childhood , The third aunt sewed new clothes for the new year for me and sister ban , Because we are the same age , Always dressed exactly the same , They are often recognized as twins ; Every winter and summer vacation, I go to my third aunt's house to be happier than my own . How conscientious the third aunt is to be my mother . Third aunt loves me , Like my own daughter . I took the baby back to my third aunt's house for weaning , As comfortable as living at home . I left my eight month old baby to my third aunt , I went back to Beijing to work . The third aunt worked day and night , Take care of my baby as a granddaughter , Being able to walk and run is very healthy , I'll pick up the baby , Three aunts are reluctant to part with , One step, one cry, one send . The news of my broken leg in the car accident reached my third aunt at the first time , Like a bolt from the blue ! She had just finished half of her meal, put down her bowl and shouted to sister ban 、 My brother-in-law drove at a high speed , I made a long journey to Yanqing, Beijing to see me . Into the ward , At the sight of my misery , The third aunt was so sad that she couldn't stand straight , Bending down and shaking, he threw himself at the head of the bed , Keep your eyes on me , Full of pity and love, ask me :“ Does it hurt ? How do you feel ?” She wept sadly , Hard to hold back no tears . Four months later , My brain tumor operation , The third aunt and sister ban came here again by car , Take care of me day and night . She was already 60 The old man is . My memory was seriously lost after craniotomy , You can't remember the exact name of something in a muddle , Always pointing things around , I can't remember what happened around me . The third aunt remembered clearly , What happens every day , What happened , How has my condition changed , What did the doctor say …… She told me many times later , The details of the world around us . Nurse me until I am safe , The third aunt just went home .

        2013 In the summer , I went to the hospital to take out the steel bar of my calf , I live at my aunt's house with crutches , After two months of rural life . That big apricot grew up at this time , Hanging from the branches .

      The third aunt's garden is full of vegetables , There are two fruit trees , One is a plum tree , The other is an apricot tree , It was my daughter and I who had a happy childhood “ herbals ”. I live in the main house in the south , Walk in the flower tree every day . Suddenly one day I found a lonely big yellow apricot hanging from the apricot tree , Against the blue sky , It looks especially striking in the sun . My third aunt told me , The tree lost his temper this year , A tree full of flowers , Just a apricot . Then she went out , In the twinkling of an eye, he sent me the bright yellow apricot :“ I picked it for you , Eat it. !” I was overjoyed , It is yellow and red , The skin is delicate , There is not a bit of insect bite marks , It looks perfect and beautiful . Clicking , When I first bit it , He was stunned ! too 、 too 、 It's delicious ! Thick and fresh apricots , It was a level I had never met before ! The delicate sweetness and Apricot's unique clear acidity , Synthesize what I can't describe and can only understand ! It was so delicious that I was surprised to slow down , Chew carefully , Grinning and chewing , Never eat too fast ! Wrong. There is no such shop in this village . The very special sweetness enchanted me ! Is there a spirit living in this apricot !? I ate like a dream , Reluctant to finish , Take a sip and savor it slowly . I think this apricot is the most delicious in the world ! The third aunt said with amusement :“ It is an apricot tree that implements the one-child policy , All the nutrition is given to this big apricot !”

      And I thought , It should be that the speed of apricot leaving branches ranks first among the factors that keep an apricot delicious . No one could compare with the three aunts at that time , As soon as the apricots were picked, they were sent to me immediately , Because the third aunt loves me very much ! Like a biological mother who loves her daughter !

      When apricots are yellow, the sun is fine ……


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