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A man who feeds his own shadow

Who feeds his own shadow

〔 Argentina 〕 Lai . Barlay

At dinner , A tall man walked into the restaurant , A kind face , The smile on his face was reserved and gloomy .

He walked gracefully to the front desk , He said in a loud voice :“ Ladies and gentlemen , I would like to introduce a miracle here , So far, no one can see its mystery . In recent years , I go deep into my own shadow , Try to explore their needs and hobbies . I am very willing to tell you the whole story , In return for your kindness . Please have a look at ! My dear and sincere life partner —— The actual existence of my shadow .”

In the half light , He approached the wall , The slender figure was clearly projected on the wall . The hall was silent , People craned their necks one by one , Let's see . He seems to want to release a dove , Put your hands together :

“ The knight jumps the hurdle !”

The knight like shadow bounced on the wall .

“ Rabbit food !”

All at once, , A rabbit like shadow appears eating cabbage .

“ The goat climbs the slope !”

Sure enough , The goat like shadow began to climb a steep slope with difficulty .

“ Now I want to make this short-lived image have an independent life , To reveal a silent new world .”

after one's words , He walked away from the wall , The shadow grows longer and longer like magic , Straight up to the ceiling .

“ Ladies and gentlemen , To make the shadow live independently from me , I have done tireless research . I just have to give it a little order , It will have all the characteristics of life …… Even eat ! I'll give you a performance right away . What do you give my shadow to eat ?”

A thundering voice answered :“ to , Give it this turkey jelly .”

A burst of laughter . He reached for the dish , Approach the wall . His shadow then retracted freely from the ceiling , Almost close to his body . People can see clearly , His body did not move , The shadow stretched its slender hands to the plate , Carefully picked up the piece of meat , Put it in your mouth , Chew , Swallow ……

“ It's amazing !”

“ Um. , Do you believe it ?”

“ Oh my god ! madam , I'm not three years old !”

“ But , You can never deny that this trick is really wonderful , Is it? ?”

“ Give it this chicken breast .”

“ pear ! It must be wonderful to see how it eats pears .”

“ very good ! Ladies and gentlemen , Now let's eat chicken breast , excuse me , Who can pass me a napkin ? thank you !”

Everyone joined the entertainment with great interest .

“ Give it some more cake , Your shadow is a bit thin !”

“ feed ! Smart guy , Does your shadow drink ? Give it this glass of wine , Drink it to relieve your worries .”

“ Ouch , I can't stand laughing .”

The shadow ate and drank , poised . Soon , The man turned on all the lights , Look cold and blue , His face looked very pale .

He said solemnly :“ Ladies and gentlemen , I am well aware that such a mysterious experiment is easy to be ridiculed 、 doubt , But it doesn't matter . One day , This experiment aims to make your shadow independent of yourself , Will be recognized and rewarded . Before leaving , Please come and search my clothes if you have any questions , To make sure I'm not hiding anything . Your generous gifts , All are eaten by my shadow . It's like my name is Baron · Camillo · As true as Fletcher . Thank you very much. , I wish you all a good meal , Good night, !”

“ go to hell !”

“ Who wants to search you !”

“ Enough magic , Let's have some music !”

Camillo · Fletcher , His real name is Juan · Marino , He faces three ways , Each made a bow , He walked out of the restaurant in a solemn manner . Walking through the garden , Suddenly someone grabbed his arm .

“ You roll to me !” The policeman roared ,“ Next time I see you , Let you and your shadow squat down at the police station for the night .”

He lowered his head , Go out slowly . Turn around the corner , He just straightened up a little , Quicken your pace and go home .

“ You don't come back , Little guys don't want to sleep , They are really tiring !”

Two golden haired children were playing by , Greet him with joy .

The little girl came over , Asked softly :“ Did you bring anything back ?”

He didn't say anything , Take out a folded napkin from your clothes , Then take out a piece of chicken breast 、 A few cakes , And two silver keys .

The little girl cut the food into small pieces , Put it in the tray. , She ate with her two brothers .

“ You don't want anything to eat , Dad ?”

“ No ,” He said without looking back ,“ You eat it , I've eaten already .”

Juan · Marino sat down facing the window , Staring blankly at the roof of the sleeping city , Wondering where to perform his miracle tomorrow ……

The street lights are on little by little , Few people , Under the magnificent huge screen is the quiet city , When all the prosperity turns around , The quiet moonlight cannot cover the human nature forced by livelihood .

When he stands on the stage , Introduce your own miracle ; When he turned his back to the audience , Feed your shadow a little , When he bows to people , When caught by the police , When he worries about the next miracle , His heart , How painful it must be .

When the girl got the chicken nuggets wrapped in the napkin , But I don't know that it comes from the performance of miracles . Social and economic development , People's living standards have improved , can 2020 My dream can't take into account the weak creatures under the dark screen .

If performing miracles becomes the material source of life , Then his life is dim and traceless , Shouldn't society reflect on this ? Is this the dark side , The source of extremist organizations ? Maybe yes .

Roman Roland said , Life itself is a tragedy , To conquer it . Poverty alleviation has always been China's recent work orientation , Only poverty alleviation , To get rid of poverty , Only to get rid of poverty , To reduce the number of people who feed their own shadow , Without such people , The world can be peaceful , Society can be stable , People can live and work in peace and contentment .

This inspires us to work harder to acquire knowledge , Comprehensively improve their own quality , Seize time and opportunity , Strive to develop , Be a better person .

On Li Qingzhao

Liu Yong once said “ my clothes grow daily more loose, yet care I not , for you am I thus wasting away in sorrow and pain .” Qin Guan once said “ Two love if long time , In the morning and in the evening .” Yuanzhen once said “ Once the sea for water , Except wushan is not a cloud .” But these are not beautiful enough .

The appearance of Li Qingzhao is like the white lotus in the ancient poetry circle , In the absence of zhaomingcheng , Her talent , Her poetry , In that sentence “ Don't kill yourself , Curtain roll westerly winds , People are thinner than yellow flowers ” One or two things can be seen in , So-called “ Linglong dice with red beans , I know not when I miss you to the bone ” That's all .

In addition to trivial children's private affairs , What fascinates people most is Li Qingzhao's talent . Life is a hero , Death is also a ghost , Facing Xiangyu's suicide , Whim works are so powerful . I would like to hold a cup of tea in my hand if I could , Standing at the window , Look at the setting sun in the West , The flaming cloud may bring me back to the prosperous Song Dynasty , Meet the God of beauty .

I like Li Qingzhao , I like her persistence and hope , She has the same spirit as a man , Standing at the peak of the strong in life , How many sharp words appeal to people to resist gold , Years are passing , Time is growing , Year after year , He hated worldly infighting , Love your country and your family , How I want to hold up a lamp , Like him , Light up the secular lonely and sensitive heart .

Looking and searching , courty , Sad and sad . Warm and cold , The most difficult to interest .

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