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I admit that the five bookstores in Chengdu took photos

A nice lazy weekend , In Chengdu, in addition to crowding people to scenic spots , Going to the bookstore is a good choice ~
below , The fruit is for you. Amway's five high-value bookstores , I went to take photos, drink tea and stay for a beautiful day ~

One 、 Fangsuo : A bookstore that can be called a city landmark

Every time I pass taikoori , Whether it's on the way or not , Turning into Fang's circle has become my standard action . This is an elegant and comfortable place , On the corner of the lower first floor of the mall , See the logo with a sense of design at its entrance , It's hard for newcomers to realize that this will be a bookstore .

The open and modern clothing exhibition areas on both sides make people suspicious , But inexplicably attracted to the past , After exploring the new book booth of Hong Kong and Taiwan , All of a sudden .

The leading force in the whole exhibition area is the calendar of the new year . In a trance, I realized , Standing on the 2019 At the end of the year ,2020 We do . I went around that pile of calendars a few times , Want to pick a Book , Give the coming years a good start , As a result, the one-way calendar opened casually seems to be a satire on this idea —— Avoid taking dreams as horses .
There are relatively few foreign language books obtained by Fang , Mainly to promote some new books in foreign editions . Go up the left stairs , All the way is a feast of literature , It also set aside a small world for the Nobel Prize in literature .
The whole exhibition area on the second floor on the left is basically literature books , Sort by country , Go straight ahead and there are social science books . All reading spaces are very casual , Readers are scattered on the stairs and on the floor , As long as it doesn't affect others , Everywhere is a good place to read .
The cultural and creative areas here are also quite rich in content , Especially those special hand gifts in Chengdu , I can't help laughing when I walk over and have a look . All kinds of delicately packaged chili sauce and bean paste , also “ Pangda ” Brand mineral water , It is definitely a unique tongue city .
You can drink a single coffee with good cost performance in Fang , But what I love and hate is , The coffee space here is very dark , The barista said it was to create a private and quiet atmosphere , If you want to drink and watch, you can only sit on the bar in the outer ring , Steal some light outside . But here's the interesting thing , Falling into the world of books for a long time , Raise your head and look at the bustling people and stacked books in front of you , The confusion of time and space , It's addictive .

Two . Cat's Sky City : Walk into the imagination of the future

Not far from Fang , Sky city with a cat on the negative floor , Maokong is a popular concept bookstore in recent years , The style is fresh and lovely . This one in taikooli is smaller , The most attractive thing about the store is the three rows of postcard display racks at the door , The theme is to send to yourself in the future .
Like a cat's own slogan equally “ Books are notes , Conversation is a song ”, Reading is not a springboard to escape the city or the whole world , But light up the spiritual light of life .
After visiting two bookstores in Swire Lane , There is such a sculpture on the way to the subway station , It can also be regarded as a surprise of the theme route of the bookstore .

3、 ... and 、 Zhongshuge : Quiet private plot

Staying in the busiest business district for a long time will inevitably make people tired . Escape the core area , I found a quiet and comfortable place . This Zhongshu Pavilion is located in Yintai Center 4 layer , Geographical advantage . My favorite is the old wooden floor and red brick wall here , The road creaks , Careful and don't want to stop .
Such a reading place can be found in the noisy city , Suitable for thinking 、 In a daze 、 Find and wait . If you think the time here is a little solidified , Get out of the door , Yintai shopping mall can walk steadily all day , Pull you back to the daily track of eating, drinking, patting and buying .
Such a reading place can be found in the noisy city , Suitable for thinking 、 In a daze 、 Find and wait . If you think the time here is a little solidified , Get out of the door , Yintai shopping mall can walk steadily all day , Pull you back to the daily track of eating, drinking, patting and buying .

Four 、 beautiful corridors BOOKS: Tea and scholarly fragrance

Out of the zhongshuge , Yintai Center , The road is well planned , Few tourists are concentrated , Walk or ride less than a kilometer , beautiful corridors BOOKS It's on the first floor of Jiufang Shopping Center . As soon as Wenxuan enters, there are an amazing number of foreign language originals , Especially the original novels of many films , It is definitely a paradise for overseas film lovers .
Unlike many bookstores that emphasize coffee Aesthetics , The overall style of Wenxuan is more Oriental , There are wooden desks and benches on the second floor , Classical black sofa on the first floor and the color matching of the Republic of China , With a faint smell of tea .
Many young people gather here in groups , But it's quiet , Each person holds a pile of books and a pile of materials , Around a table , It's a whole day .

5、 ... and 、 Knowledge Bookstore : I ran into a corner Mini Bookstore

Take the subway to Tianfu Square , I'm looking for the legendary “ Qiuzhi Publishing House ”. I was curious about this bookstore before I went , Sandwiched on the people's middle road between Sichuan Science and Technology Museum and Sichuan Provincial Museum , Such a central position , What a bright look a bookstore should have ? Follow the map and don't take a few steps , I was by the Qiuzhi bookstore in front of me “ shock ” 了 .
A very small doorway , It's easy to miss it if you don't pay attention , Still clinging to “ Pavement transfer ” The words... . Today's physical bookstores , It's really not easy to stick to it . The bookstore owner is very friendly , Let me just look and choose . After talking to him for a while, I began to feel , Such a small shop , It has been open in the downtown for more than ten years , Old books and rice cookers lie casually on the same shelf , It's so free and easy .

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