Bai Zhou diary | alive

2022-01-15 03:31:04  作者:Photography

2021 year 12 month 12 Japan Late at night, some people die at the age of 25 , Buried at the age of 75 . We will understand later , I was lucky to be alive , But there is no other choice . If you choose to live , Then you should try your best to do everything , Instead of complaining about life .


Where you are , Determined their own value , If we don't have the value of existence , There is no need to exist . We should choose our own value trend , If one day you have a choice , Then we have to go that way . The ultimate purpose of value , We should always keep learning and making progress .

When one day I know why I live , Instead of busy doing things you don't like every day , But sadly, we don't know anything , I don't even know what I want , Just an unknown world . Living is no longer like living , But the unknown world .

Vagrant 、 Confused people , We all do nothing , All busy living , Busy dying , Just don't know what to do , The way of the future . A book 、 A pen 、 A cell phone , A life , A bed 、 A grave 、 A miss , There is no rest of life .