Love feast

2022-01-15 03:22:41  作者:Photography

Love banquet is like this !

From different chefs , Different crafts , Different approaches !

far apart from each other , Put together , Into a different love banquet equation !

Every Sunday , You can eat !

Blessed are those who eat !

Several limbs are busy in the kitchen , That's what comes out in the end , We are eager to try at the dinner table !

We were like this before dinner !

Yes , You have to take pictures , Must remember , Must be sent to the group , No one came , No luck in mouth , Can only look at the picture and sigh !

wipe out , Full of love , Can last a week , Isn't it a magical love feast ?

Yes , It's amazing , Welcome to eat !

Let's talk about this key soup , Egg flower crucian carp soup ! No fish , It's good news for people who don't like fish , The fish are on the plate ! The soup retains the fragrance of crucian carp , Drink it in your mouth , Look at the yellow egg flower , Green leeks , Not to mention how pleasant it is !

this , It's definitely the master's level ! Applause here !

There's another special thing today , Here comes little John ! He came for the first time in three months !

He came , Instantly become the focus of everyone's attention ! We all lined up one by one to hold him , incredibly , He smiles at me , Cluck , Is it because I'm singing to him ?

Maybe , He likes me very much ? Is it because I'm singing to him ? Does he understand ?

But after I held it for 20 minutes , I think my arm is dead !

His mother , It's hard work ! Silently praise the capable little John's mother !

ha-ha , Where there is love , It attracts us !

Thank you for today Love feast , Thank you for bringing us joy !