Health and safety

2022-01-15 03:14:33  作者:Photography

      The students have a party at noon today , In the evening, several friends get together , Drinking and chatting , They all hit it off , But after all , The most common topic is still inseparable from health and safety . middle-aged , Without the blood of the year , More transparent and peaceful now , Health is 1, Mansion beauty 、 Getting promoted and getting rich is behind 0, Without health , Everything else is a floating cloud . The harm of mobile phones is countless , Everyone knows the benefits of fitness , Put down mobile phone , Open your legs , But it's so hard . Since then, I feel deeply that Mr. Yang Ming advocated : Knowing the truth and being honest is doing , When you walk, you can see clearly, and the place where you feel is knowledge , The importance of unity of knowledge and practice , Those who can't do it really don't know , I've seen smoking cessation suffer , Repeated brothers , Once a big condition occurs due to the body , The doctor's advice says you need to choose between smoking and living , Quit smoking the next day .