Apocalyptic disaster strikes America

2022-01-15 03:09:41  作者:Photography

Beijing time. 12 month 12 Early morning , The United States suffered a tornado disaster .

Almost without warning , A tornado swept through the Midwest on a weekend night , The next morning , People wake up and see , It's like a doomsday scene .

The United States keeps updating death data , Kentucky died 70 people , The final data , It should be over a hundred .

Biden didn't expect , After the so-called democracy summit came to a hasty conclusion , One of the deadliest tornadoes hit the United States .

You can watch the video , It's really shocking .

The original beautiful town center , Almost in ruins , More than the ruins of war ; The roofs of almost all houses , Whether it's on the first floor or several floors , All overturned ; The car was lifted and thrown , Twisted into a pile of scrap iron ; The branches of the big tree are broken , Some are uprooted ……

The end of the , It's really the end of the world .

Earlier, US media reported that , Tornado hit 6 One state is Arkansas 、 Mississippi 、 Illinois 、 Kentucky 、 Tennessee and Missouri .

Kentucky governor Andy · Bethel said at a press conference , A candle factory in the state was completely destroyed .

There were about... In the factory when the tornado happened 110 workers , The current death toll is 79 people , The final death toll may exceed 100 people . Kentucky has entered a state of emergency , The State National Guard is involved in the rescue .

According to the US power tracking website , The tornado attack caused 4 Two states 33 More than 10000 users are powered off .

The national weather service is 10 When the tornado warning was issued on the th, it said , Expect at least 2500 Million people will be affected by the Tornado .