People must control their desires in middle age

2022-01-15 03:04:14  作者:Life journey

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People are over middle age , The physical strength and energy decreased greatly , Many things can only stay in similarity , Only then did I realize “ The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak ”. Of course, this is also the law of nature , Therefore, people should respect the law in middle age , Learn to control your desires .

One is to control material desires . People should be moderate in eating and drinking in middle age , After all, weight gain , High blood pressure , These products bring negative nutrition , At this time, the greatest self-discipline is to control diet , Especially dinner must be less social , A little more simple food .

The second is to control spiritual desire . In middle age, many childhood wishes have become memories , Be less ambitious at this time , Don't waste your time pursuing something you can't ask for , The mental burden should be reduced , Take it easy , Never be tired of unrealistic wishes .

The third is to control emotional desire . When you are middle-aged, don't be tired of the so-called love , In fact, plain life is true , Romance is now a thing of the past , Cherish the present happiness , Don't indulge your emotions is the greatest happiness , Otherwise, it will be tired and hurt by emotion , Bury a curse for life in the second half .

All in all , People must learn to reduce their burden in middle age , Learn to pack light , Living in the present is the highest level .

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