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Qi Huan's battle to find Lu , Have wisdom. See .

I ask you if you can win , Cao Yanwu can face .

I can't smell it , Three drums change .

Later generations may have , A long spoon of advice .

( Pingshui rhyme )

notes :

        Duke Huan of Qi settled accounts with the state of Lu , Because Lu once protected the childe to correct . When Lord Lu Zhuang didn't know how to deal with it , A common man of Lu named Cao GUI said he would like to help him .

        Duke Lu asked him if he was sure to win the war . Cao just told him , Take him with you when the war begins , He has his own way to deal with the Qi Army . Duke Zhuang had to promise to let him join the war .

        Facing the high morale of the Qi Army , Cao GUI remained silent . The state of Qi hit the drum once , Cao Budong . The state of Qi struck the second drum , Cao still doesn't move . The state of Qi had to hit the drum for the third time .

        However , Just when the third hit the drum , Cao GUI suddenly ordered the Lu army to beat drums and attack the other party immediately . Qi Jun was surprised , Killed by surprise , Finally, they all lost .

        I often talk about this battle , Later generations always praised Cao gui . therefore , His plan and the battle of the ladle were recorded in history , Become the talk of the latecomers .


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