Heavenly way

2022-01-15 01:53:24  作者:Photography


《 Zhouyi · Copula II 》 There are two sentences in it :

1、 DE don't deserve a , There will be disaster ; 2、 Virtue is thin and dignity is high , A little wit makes a great plan , The power is small and the burden is heavy , It's not enough .

A person can only enjoy what matches him , The best way to get something , Is through their own efforts , Let yourself deserve it .

otherwise , Everything is delusion .

People have thousands , Day is .


life , Really don't worry , Some people develop first and then suppress , Some people suppress first and then raise , Someone step by step .

But in the end , Everyone will always return to their true self .

Life really doesn't have to be so anxious , Be down-to-earth and be yourself , Others owe you , God will be made up .

The less in the front, the more in the back , What is less here will naturally be made up there .

This is called the way of heaven !


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