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2022-01-15 01:31:03  作者:Life journey

Recently, I have paid attention to several submission platforms , With a try mentality , Corresponding to their respective requirements , Submitted several manuscripts .

Click Send , Send successfully , The rest is waiting . Say something in your heart , Waiting for a day or two , I think it's been a long time . I feel like a pupil standing by the podium waiting for the teacher to mark the paper , nervous 、 Cramped 、 uneasy .

When my husband heard about it , Comfort me with a smile ,“ Don't care too much about gain and loss , Try your best , enjoy happy life .”

Is ah , Being normal is the king's way . Too deliberate , Too much care , Often only let oneself worry about gain and loss . Just like waiting for the biopsy results , Put the medical record book in the drawer , Go to and from work happily every day . Seven days passed unconsciously , The phone rings , It's the hospital doctor , Said the test results came out , negative , Reassure me , It would be good to go back for a review in two years .

Is ah , It used to be so easy to face diseases , Why care so much about that email reply now ? Of course I'm happy to pass , If you haven't, don't lose heart , Vote next time . And maybe it's not my article at all , It's just the wrong column .

Okay , The mood is happy again ! ha-ha ~ Wait , Just feel at ease , Normal heart is good .

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