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The reading volume of Jane book , It really makes me speechless , Became the creator of the Jane book , Isn't there flow support ? Why is the amount of reading still so low ? Only a few people see . The amount of reading is too low .

Emotional things give people a headache , Things you can think about at the age of 30 , Don't think about... At the age of twenty . Think too much, , Hurt yourself . What you can experience at the age of 40 , What did you experience at the age of 30 ? Live decades ahead of time . Why? ? It's actually good to experience later , Don't experience human suffering too early .

18 A - year-old girl's mother ,18 A - year-old flower girl became a mother . Once the oath of alliance seemed pale in front of daily necessities .18 Years old is the age at school , At the age of reading .18 I'm about three years old , Nowadays, it is difficult for undergraduates to find a job , Graduated from high school , In my hometown , Liupanshui, Guizhou is a fifth tier city . A fifth tier city in China , After graduating from senior three, I can only do some job of watching store sales , It's a lot to get 3000 a month . If you think it's more than 3000 a month , It's only 30000 a year . Many people earn 30000 a month . And this is in the fifth tier cities . So people ,18 At the age of , Really listen less to sweet words , Or follow the troops , It's safe and reliable . Follow the class , When it's time to read , When it's time to go to school . Everyone is saying 30 I got married very late ,30 Love is very late . It's not too late . The key depends on what you think ,30 In fact, you have a lot of life experience . Experiencing an emotional injury won't look for life or death .20 Age is different , The boyfriend looked at the others , Looking for life and death . Hang yourself to prove your worth . In fact, you will meet many people in life . You don't have to meet true love at the age of 18 . At the age of 18, you may meet social garbage . Because you don't have a good education . Or to say , Risk is too big , Society demands too much of women , Higher than men . Trial and error costs too much , Society requires you not to make mistakes . Once you make a mistake , Will pay an unexpected high price , If you cheat , Your job is not guaranteed , after that , There is no source of income . That's the price of your cheating , therefore , Dare you cheat ? Because the price is too high . So don't make mistakes .

Many people don't like you , Just when I like you , Also like others , His heart is big , Big enough to hold dozens of people , He has a lot of money , Everyone gives a little , Everyone is grateful to him .