Beautiful Jingzhou Winter photography

2022-01-15 01:14:46  作者:Photography

Long river falling yen

Westward declines the sun , The huge fireball is sinking rapidly , In the blink of an eye, it has almost sunk .

Tall and straight high-voltage line tower , The sinking sunset , Set off more towering and handsome .

In the distance , The sky is full of purple clouds , The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful , Warm and romantic .

Near by , A clear bend of the river in winter , Reflecting the purple glow and the majestic iron tower , This symmetrical mirror image , Fresh and natural , Very beautiful .

I can't help taking a quick view , Capture this wonderful moment .

Jingzhou Jianghan canal

2016 year 9 month 26 Japan , A brand new Jianghan canal , Water and navigation .

The project is an important part of the Middle Route Project of South-to-North Water Transfer .

It's planned by the state 19 One of the main channels of inland rivers .

The South-to-North Water Transfer project uses Han River water to supplement the water used in the north , Then use the water of Changjiang River to supplement the water of the lower reaches of Hanjiang River .

The longest man-made canal in modern times , In addition to connectivity “ Two rivers ”( Yangtze River 、 Hanjiang River ), It has also added a thousand ton ship to Hubei “ The golden waterway ”.

As the largest water resources allocation project in Hubei Province ,“ Lead the river to the Han ” The canal head is located on the left bank of the Yangtze River at longzhouhuan, Jingzhou City , It flows into Hanjiang River in gaoshibei Town, Qianjiang City .

The picture above is taken in 2021.12.11 Jingzhou Changhu section of the rijianghan canal .