In those years, we walked together

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      In College , I often go to my hometown Zhen and Juan's bedroom to play , They are very good-looking , and “ beautiful ” The word is naturally attractive to me , We three became friends . The head teacher of Zhen hejuan is the poet teacher sun Wujun .

      Once I went to their bedroom to chat , It happened that miss sun was also next to their bedroom . Miss sun is a representative poet of the hazy school in the 1980s , Gu Cheng 、 Shu Ting is also a poet of the first national youth poetry conference . Miss sun teaches us writing ,1999 After the year, he was transferred to Ningbo TV station as a journalist and screenwriter. . Jane and Juan's class is the only class where sun worked as a head teacher when she taught at Ningbo University , He has a bold and unrestrained character , After becoming a head teacher , Like a biological child , I have a very good relationship with this class . He is talking about literature with a group of students , Talk about life , talk cheerfully and humorously , Still trying on their sweaters . At that time, Miss Sun, as a poet, was radiant , It's our male god . I'm a little introverted , Standing on the long bedroom corridor , I didn't have the courage to go in and say hello to the teacher . It's not that I don't want to go in , If I go in , I don't know what to say .

      When you go to college, you will , I sit at the first table , The first table closest to the wall , I chose this position myself . Think of , I also sat at the first table in high school , I took the initiative to change with a male classmate . I always like the quiet world without interference , Even in a collective class , I will still find the quietest corner . My name is Xia Mu University , She often tells me : Others are the crystallization of parents' love , And I am the crystallization of my parents' tragedy …… Only later did I know , Her mother, who has a very high vision, is an educated youth in Xinjiang , Wrong for her father , So I put all my life's resentment on her . Xia Mu's face is round , Black in black , The tongue curls strongly , A northern dialect . She has big eyes , Speak up from time to time , Detest the world and its ways . In fact, she is very simple , Study hard . And me , Sit there quietly every day , The heart doesn't know where to fly . In writing class , Mr. Sun occasionally comes over to Ma xiamu and says : Your father and I were colleagues in the Chinese Department of Zhoushan Teachers College …… I just sat by and listened quietly , Never say a word , And never say a word to miss sun . But after so many years of college , It was I who learned poetry from the great poet Mr. Sun . Think of , Life is really a wonderful fate ! Also think of , Three girls in the only class teacher Mr. Sun ever worked as , Now is my best friend , The friendship between two of them has been since college .

      We in College , Part of the cost of living is subsidized by the state , Work package assignment , Less pressure on employment prospects , So the days go by, day by day , It's very carefree . At that time, I only regarded the composition assigned by the teacher as homework , It's done , All is well . Once miss sun had a class , The composition was handed out , Take a look , The free space under my composition is full of Miss Sun's beautiful red pen comments , Four or five hundred words , I can't help but have a concussion , A burst of shame . This composition was written in a hurry , Time spent writing , Maybe he spent more time correcting . So many years , I still remember the title of this composition is 《 The story of the sea 》. I read this article again from beginning to end , The more you think about it, the more ashamed you are , From then on, I made up my mind to read more extracurricular books , Strive to write a really satisfactory composition in the future , To be worthy of Miss Sun's careful correction . This vulgar reason now reminds me of , Still blushing .

      When I entered the Chinese Department , My college entrance examination scores far exceed the admission line , Ranked second in the class . I remember Chen who had the same score as me ( Now in the Finance Bureau ), His college entrance examination score is about the same as mine , Because it's a fellow townsman , He asked me to fill in Zhejiang University of Finance . I dare not ! That era was “ Thousands of troops cross the single wooden bridge ”, It's not easy to go to college , In case the volunteer fill is too high , You don't have to go to college , How dare I ? Results after the college entrance examination score was issued, I realized that classmate Chen had the same score as me , He entered Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics . Now that I think about it , At that time, we volunteered recklessly , It's Zhuge Liang who knows things like immortals . Who can fill in the volunteer first and then issue the college entrance examination score ? Like a joke ! Maybe I have to . The computer had just left , Electronic information is underdeveloped , The whole people are still computer blind .

      Yao yuan once said , Thank you for meeting the best writing teacher in college . I feel the same way . In writing class , Miss Sun told us about Kafka 、 Baudelaire and a lot of foreign writers , Also read Gu Cheng 、 Poems by Chinese local poets such as Beidao . Although at that time I was lost among the talented people and women , Slowly, , I fell in love with this class in the Chinese Department , Fell in love with my major —- Chinese language and literature , Until now .

      The year of graduation , According to the distribution policy of the Education Bureau , All normal students are assigned to villages and towns , Undergraduate graduates are no exception . I entrusted the relationship , Finally, he was assigned to a vocational high school nearest to the city —- Ninghai Vocational Education Center . At that time, I didn't think about the difference between ordinary high school and vocational high school , Just think the location is good . Many things “ Woe comes , Fuxi !” I don't know for a moment . If you didn't trust the relationship , I graduated from the Chinese Department , According to the regulations, it should be assigned to Pugao . The teaching pressure of Pugao is heavy , Maybe later I will not embark on the road of writing . A lot of things can be said to be wrong , Maybe fate will make you who you are .

      Of course, the first 15 years after work , Life is really hard . The ancients said :“ thirtysomething ”, That's an ancient thing , We in real life , Living in this vast world , Buy a house , raise children , Parents come sick from time to time , Make you tired of running . There are many things in school , Be a head teacher , Evaluation of professional title , I'm so busy , This is the reality after the dream of College , use “ Life is like a string ” It's not too much to describe . Every day's life is like a tight string , It's possible to cut it off anytime, anywhere . The ideal is full , Reality is really skinny . Fortunately, in the end , Life becomes better step by step : I was awarded a senior professional title , Also embarked on the road of writing . Maybe , For so many years , Every bit of life , Too many things are pressing on the bottom of my heart , There's nowhere to tell . I like being alone , Words naturally become my bosom friend . In words , I just found the free and easy self that I used to be .

        After college , The cheerful and lively Juan was assigned to teach in the town junior middle school , She has a hard work , Later, he became Vice President , From wind to water . The quiet and introverted Jane married to Shanghai , Now while teaching , While raising flowers , Lived a rich life .

      Maybe it's the head teacher's reason , Miss sun has a very good relationship with the students in Juan's class , He often said that the most proud thing in life is that there are peaches and plums all over the world .2016 New year's Day , In Juan's circle of friends, I saw a group photo of several of their classmates and teacher sun , It turned out that Mr. Sun was playing in Xujiashan, Ninghai . I said half jokingly : You are so happy , With the male god teacher ! Juan told me , Go to Wushan Grottoes with Mr. Sun tomorrow , Ask me if I want to go . I said, , I'd love to go , But I was afraid that miss sun would not recognize me when I met . Miss sun is Juan, their classmate's head teacher , And I'm not . At that time I , In fact, I really want to see the poet and teacher I admire . At night , I called my college classmate Li , Mr. Sun asked her if she had time to visit Shiwu cave . Classmate Li said that the school was making up classes on weekends , Can't walk out . That's it , Think before and think after , I finally didn't go to see Mr. Sun . Actually , At the end of the day , I'm not confident , I don't even have the confidence to see the teacher , I'm afraid I can't fit into their class .

        That year , I began to really love writing , I used to write only occasionally . Just started writing , The writing is not very good , How nice of me to see Miss Sun ? In these five years , I work harder at writing , Fifty or sixty articles have been published in various newspapers and magazines , Wrote nearly 400000 words , Also joined Ningbo Writers Association , And become a contracted writer of provincial short novel publications . At the beginning , I write prose , Then he spent two years writing a semi autobiographical novel . The novel shows the material poverty of our time , The hard way to study and the history of struggle in the workplace . For myself , This novel is a witness to my own growth , It has a certain value and significance of the times . Early February last year , During the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak , Jane told me , Miss sun writes a poem every day . She also sent me more than ten poems recently written by Miss Sun . These two years , I'm just falling in love with poetry , Often feel , Wrote many poems , Just average quality , No progress has been made . On the same day , Juan also sent me miss sun's poem . Reading more and more exquisite , A more profound teacher's poem , I am now , It's hard to calm down anymore . I told Jane : Zhen , Tell Miss Sun , I want to add his wechat .

      thereafter , I really added Miss Sun's wechat ; thereafter , I became Mr. Sun's student again ! From now on , I started my poetry learning mode with Mr. Sun . When I told him my name , He even remembered me and Mao Haiying 、 Zhang Chaoxia is in the same class . More than 20 years , He can still remember our session clearly , There are only gifted poets and teachers . In wechat , I told him myself , I like poetry very much , I want to learn poetry from him . Miss Sun said :“ Writing poetry is fun !” A simple sentence , It's fun ! How much poetry , How many feelings are there ! Poetry is Miss Sun's life ! Zeng geometry , As a poet of the first national youth poetry conference, he hasn't written poetry for more than 20 years . These twenty years , Why didn't he write ? Such a gifted poet doesn't write poetry , It's strange ! It's personal , Or the reason of the times ? Maybe , Only miss sun knows .

        That time we got together , Only then did I know that Yao yuan, like me, is a Capricorn , And Miss Sun told us for the first time , He is a Capricorn . I said to him jokingly : Teacher , You are a Capricorn , Yao and I are far from Capricorn , You were born to be our teacher , It's meant to be .”

      If there is a destiny in this world , Then I'm destined to be a teacher's student again . Now I'm chasing his poetry , Happily writing my poem !

      Time is not old , Take dreams as horses , May you and I go through thousands of sails , Coming back is still a teenager .

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