2022-01-15 00:23:56  作者:Photography

  Dad called today and asked me to go to grandma's house to help , So I put on my high collar , Put on your coat , Tie your shoelaces , Put on the mask ( It's important ), Lock the door , Come out of the corridor slowly .

  Go to the bus stop over there , Took out his pocket , Found holding a traffic card , But think about it , Grandma is not far from home , It's just 30 It's about ten minutes away , And I haven't visited the street for a long time , So I decided to walk to grandma's house .

  I started from the bus stop , Go ahead to the intersection , Looked ahead , It's still a red light , So I turned left , When I walk past the breakfast shop I used to eat , Memories of the past come to mind , Remember the weekends before , When parents are too lazy to make breakfast , Will go to this store to buy some small steamed buns , For breakfast , And the drugstore next to the breakfast shop , Convenience stores and so on , I used to patronize here , But as you grow up , Less times to go , I don't know because I grew up , I'm too lazy to go , Or because of something ……

  Come to an end , There is an overpass , Remember when I was little , There's not this yet , This overpass was built a few years ago , To build a tram , Specially made , I remember since I built the tram , Getting in and out of the community has become more troublesome , The traffic is even more blocked , But the appearance of trams really made the original life a little more fun .

  Walk over the overpass , See the subway station , This subway station has never existed before , There are many buildings such as shopping malls next to subway stations , They are all things that have never existed before , Remember in the predecessor of this mall , It's a gymnasium , Although the gymnasium is still , But much smaller than before , But the swimming pool I used to go to is still alive , But I haven't been there for a long time .

  Go to the end of the street , Turn the corner , Enter a small alley , Through the alley , Back on the road , Then he went straight ahead , When passing by a construction site , I saw a bunch of people working inside , It can be imagined that it will become buildings or other buildings in the future , After all this , Finally came to grandma's house .

    Sitting in grandma's chair , Think about what you saw and heard on the road , I think it has changed a lot from before , There are good and bad , But all this is inevitable , Because time is passing , Times are changing , The country is also getting richer and stronger , Life is becoming more and more convenient , I believe that life will be better and better in the future .