Life is a ladder

2022-01-14 23:52:27  作者:Photography

Every stage of life is different , Like the twelve of the world The dimensions are the same . From one stage you see another - - Stages , Just like you learned from physics . The three-dimensional view is the same as the four-dimensional view . All you can see is its projection in your world . A thing with four dimensions , No matter how huge it is , In the three-dimensional world, he can only collapse , Then it decays into the most common element of iron and nickel .

Empathy , We are at the stage of life on the university campus , How to see Wait for the utilitarian world , It's like looking at four dimensions in three dimensions - - sample , We haven't really touched society , Didn't enter the workplace , So talk about how to treat and comment on utilitarian society , All need various information media , To put it bluntly, it is to summarize and analyze a more comprehensive . Like from 《1984》 Like understanding totalitarian society in .

Utilitarian realm is a stage of life , I recently - - Straight reading 《 Trisomy 》, So we replace it with three-dimensional Physics , Then use two-dimensional to compare the natural realm , Then the fourth dimension is the moral realm , The realm of heaven and earth is too far away , Let's not talk about . Dimensions are stacked layer by layer , But they contain each other , The three-dimensional world contains two-dimensional , Similarly, three dimensions are in four dimensions , So just from my current perspective , There is no very clear boundary between these realms , They are like dimensional space , Mutual integration and penetration , But how much penetration depends on the dimension you belong to .

Let's say , Compared with our ordinary society . The realm of nature . It corresponds to the relationship between survival and food and clothing , The utilitarian realm is the current capital competition , Then the moral realm is the future communist society . And we all know that capitalism belongs to the transitional stage of all kinds of Societies , Stage is inevitable , It can be said that it is a necessary stage in our growth process , It's like adolescence . Our attitude towards capitalism is that we should treat the realm of utilitarianism .

The economic base determines . Superstructure . Maybe a lot of people will because there are “ utility ” Two words without disdain , But in fact, it is precisely because of the word utilitarianism that we have better material conditions to pursue morality .

Life is a ladder , We had a short and beautiful childhood , Across the passionate and hot youth , We stand in the most Free University of life and look forward to our future life .

That's true. , Also convinced that workplace competition is utilitarian and cruel , But like the four realms of life , He is also a stage of my life , We need to absorb the benefits it brings us to help us reach a higher level of life , Instead of indulging in his cruelty and self pity .

Life is not just about the present , And poetry and distance .

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