This year

2022-01-14 22:13:49  作者:Life journey

The net graph invades to delete

In a moment 2021 The year will be over , Life is not going fast , The hard work of every day is vivid in my mind .

Stolen lazy , Remember . A little surprise , Remember . Things that hurt my heart , Remember .

No, I have a good memory , But every day , Everything , Have tested my patience and judgment .

Rash 、 Arbitrariness 、 naive , Every decision , I must weigh it carefully , The final answer is unsatisfactory , Go contrary , I want to ask heaven and earth , What's wrong .

No echo .

This year , An unsettled year , Lengthen the timeline , Which year has the wind and rain been soft , It's just that there are no ups and downs this year .

I hope this year will be a watershed , The next days , orderly , The next state is like flowing clouds and flowing water , Want to come at a constant speed .

My efforts have yielded , My hope quietly sprouted , Be the best version of you , Meet the best life .

2021 year 12 month 12 Japan     night   Wait for the flowers to bloom

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