Fire Hymn

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author : The master of Bi trace Xuan

Xin Chou year, the whole country “11·9” Fire day , At the invitation of Meng Hongchang, a roommate of the University, Sichuan fire rescue Corps , This article :

Vast ! My land ! 9.6 million square meters , Compete to see . After many vicissitudes of life , Mountains and rivers of fire travel unimpeded . You can see , The rise of Aetna everywhere , There is a fire guard like a pillar . Cast my loyalty , Condense my spirit . The times call the heart like washing , Protect the well-being of people .

Majestic ! I don't know ! Give the flag and lecture a few honors , Favorite fire blue orange ①. Save the people from danger , Iron blood is full of love . You can see , The Golden Hall model still encourages , Rock like promise stands on the back . Practice my courage , Shape my Dan soul . The glorious mission was inherited , Defend our country against danger .

Fierce ! My hero ! Fierce ! My hero ! Collapse of the mountain and collapse of the building are in danger , Go through fire and water . Scorched dust and gloomy valley harrier body ③ jump , Switch electricity in the East, West, North and South . You can see , Frost silk leaves how many sad black hair , Zhu Rong works together ④ Cry in the sky . Melt my wisdom , Gather my soul . The initial heart does not forget the expectation , Caress the soul and fight again !

Lovely ! My countryman ! Lovely ! My countryman ! In the famine , A call to make . The kindness of fish and water drops like a surge , Rivers and Huaihe rivers ⑤ Stop . You can see , Words of praise carry words, and neighbors send them with smiling eyes , Learn from history with great emotion . Engrave my deep feelings , Feed my soul . Hope is also brave to the extreme ⑥, The sun never sets .

notes :① Fire blue orange : Fire blue , The new uniform of firefighters after the reform and transformation , Commonly known as flame blue , Orange refers to emergency rescue clothes .② The golden hall :11 month 4 Japan , The commendation meeting for the advanced model of the national emergency management system and the loyal guard of fire protection was held in the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the people .③ Harrier body : use “ The kite turned over ” Dian , Describe a fireman who is skilled .④ Zhu Rong works together : Fire God and water god in Chinese traditional culture .⑤ Rivers and Huaihe rivers : Chinese traditional culture refers to “ Four blasphemies ”, This generation refers to all rivers .⑥ Yuanji : God .

( The author is a member of Sichuan Poetry Association 、 Member of Chengdu Writers Association 、 Editorial board member of Jinjiang poetry Federation )

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