I became the person called "aunt"

2021-11-25 18:51:11  作者:Literary frequency modulation


The weather forecast shows a heavy snow warning today , To avoid traffic jams , I arrived at the company an hour and a half earlier than work time , Be an early riser .

Want to try in a new field , So I changed a company .

Just a week or so , I found that I was surrounded by “ The child ”~

A child was commented by my wechat “ aunt ”! Although they are the same 90 after , But it's also the first time with 95 Post work , I can really see vitality in them , See 95 The tension after . More valuable , They also have a very different attitude towards life from us . Love your career , Can dive in and study it carefully , Everyone has his own specialty ……

Let me take this “ Old aunt ” I feel ashamed . These years of growth ? I really want to ask myself .

There will be a snowstorm later , After the baptism of the snowstorm , Maybe everything will be different ~~

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