Overnight and winter

2021-11-25 18:51:09  作者:Literary frequency modulation

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With a strong wind , Yellow leaves all over the sky

Plant an obsessive flower between your eyebrows

Let the obsession bloom in the ice endless heart river

Sink into the past

The joy of embracing each other

It is no longer a substitute for whispering

You roared all night and winter

Don't leave the changing colors

Let the night lose its pattern

Limited patience sneaks into expressionless reconciliation

The estrangement from the sun becomes more and more intense

Pull tight the corners of winter clothes to escape

Go to a silent hometown

Look at the half life memories that live in the withered and glorious heart

Occasionally hypocritical , Occasionally look

Then go to another strange city

Look at the winter people

Are you also dressed in snowy cotton padded clothes

Lock the restless silence in great panic

Tell winter , I went out again before the frost came

Don't look for each other

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