find a moment of leisure in a busy life

2021-11-25 18:11:07  作者:Photography

It was winter yesterday , The weather is exceptionally clear , Nothing in the afternoon , A family of three came out to have fun .

Drive half an hour to Ziwei lake not far from home , It's not far , But it's also my first time to .

The park is not big , But the scenery is good , I'm glad I chose the right place .

There are not many traces of artificial carving in the whole park , natural , There is a wild interest , In the center of the city , There can be such a place , You can touch nature very close , For me who loves natural scenery very much , It's so happy .

The most beautiful thing should be this lake , The whole park is built around the lake , The lake is clear. , Quiet like a mirror , Against the sun , The lake is blue-green , The shadow of the trees is mottled , Beauty is like a picture roll .

When I went out, I took my child's little partner , Two little boys chattered all the way , Bouncing , Like two happy birds .

We walked along the lake , The children are walking and playing , When you see something interesting, stop and play more , Unconsciously came to a Populus euphratica forest , Populus euphratica forest is very big , Populus euphratica stands tall and straight , Like a valiant warrior , Guarding the visitors coming and going .

Autumn wind , Deciduous yellow . Late autumn and early winter , The leaves of Populus euphratica are full of desolation . I can't help thinking of Fan Zhongyan's poems :“ Autumn wind , Yellow leaf field , Autumn color waves , On the waves, there is a green smoke . The mountain reflects the setting sun and the sky meets the water , The grass is merciless , Even outside the setting sun ”.

Most of the fallen leaves have dried up , Step on it with your feet , Make a clicking sound , It's so beautiful , Suddenly childlike innocence sprang up , Say to the children : Let's play dancing among the leaves . The children cheered their approval !

Let's move together , Pile up the leaves , When piled like a hill , Then jump up , Jump , The hill jumped apart and continued to pile , Keep jumping and jumping , All afternoon , Have fun with the children , In a trance, I seem to have returned to my childhood !

It's a happy weekend ! Steal half a day's leisure , The flavor of the world is qinghuan .