Humorous story

2021-11-25 17:42:12  作者:Photography

Valentine's day morning , Uncle Zhang and his wife Aunt Li went shopping , I haven't arrived at the vegetable market yet , I found a sea of people in front of the mall , Bustling , Squeeze in and have a look , It turned out that a daughter-in-law carrying contest was being held .

Looking at the scene of those boys running around with the girls on their backs , Aunt Li is touched by the scenery , Pull Uncle Zhang out of the crowd , say :“ Old man , You carry me, too , When we're in love , Don't you often carry me like this , Today we also look for that romantic feeling .

Uncle Zhang turned his head and looked around :“ We are all old , This is not good , What if you are seen by an acquaintance ? Aunt Li stared :“ Oh , You're sorry now , Why were you not afraid at that time , Am I old now , It looks ugly , You despise me ? Uncle Zhang was speechless when asked by Aunt Li , I had to squat down , Carry your wife .

Who knows, just a few steps , Just listen to “ Squeak , A taxi stopped beside them , The driver came down , Ask with concern :“ Ah , uncle , Aunt, what's the matter ? Uncle Zhang looked , It turned out to be neighbor Liu , He is afraid of being laughed at by others , Then he said casually :“ ah , Your aunt just sprained her foot , It hurts too much to walk .

Aunt Li was also busy cooperating with the grinning and shouting . As soon as big Liu listens , Busy and eager to open the door :“ Then you have to go to the hospital , Get on the bus quickly ! Said , allowing no explanation , He helped the second old man into the car . To the hospital , Uncle Zhang took out 20 yuan to big Liu , To be a car money , Big Liu declined twice , In the end, I took .

The old couple wandered around the hospital for several times , Thinking that big Liu has gone , While discussing which bus to take home , While walking slowly out of the hospital , But I just got out of the hospital , Big Liu came up . Uncle Zhang asked awkwardly :“ Da Liu , You haven't left yet ? Big Liu said enthusiastically :“ I think aunt can't go for a while , Just waiting here to take you home . Why , Aunt seems much better ?

Aunt Li replied quickly :“ Better than just now , Better , Ouch , Now it hurts again . Then he helped Uncle Zhang . Big Liu looked , Busy opening the door , Let two people sit in . The old couple looked at each other bitterly , I had to take Liu's taxi again . When you get home , Enthusiastic big Liu also carried Aunt Li to her home on the fifth floor .

People's big Liu drives and contributes , Uncle Zhang is really sorry , And gave him twenty dollars . I have been busy for a long time , I didn't buy a single dish , And put in forty dollars , Uncle Zhang is resentful and angry , He glared at his wife :“ It's all your fault , I have to carry you , Say what you're looking for , Oh , Romantic feeling , See if you can find it in the future !

Aunt Li comforted her wife and said ,“ Old man , Although we didn't find the romantic and exciting feeling , But we found another feeling . “ What feeling? ? “ The feeling of waste and heartache ! Aunt Li said timidly .