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2021-11-25 17:36:03  作者:Photography

Unknown wild fruit

I haven't seen such wild fruit in nearly 30 years , I can't name its book . It's very bright red , It usually grows on the edge of the ridge , It looks like a wild strawberry . Farmers say : This wild fruit is poisonous , In some local dialects , Its name is “ Snake bubble ”.

About snake bubbles , The locals have a saying : It is the snake that crawls over the grass that bears wild fruit , Then the snake's saliva , Spit on this snake bubble grass , This grass produces this kind of snake bubble wild fruit .

About this legend , Is it true , I can't tell the truth . But about the snake bubble fruit is poisonous , Not edible , The local adults and children have reached an agreement . No one touches this snake bubble fruit .

Timid children , See it and go far away , Even take a detour , I'm afraid there are snakes near the snake bubble fruit .

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