Aotou pen (426)

2021-11-25 17:24:15  作者:Photography

Jiudiehe river scenery

This is a vast wetland

The water network is crisscross   glittering

Surrounding the rise of high-rise buildings

The tall and straight posture is reflected in the water

With gorgeous night lights

Look charming   The tantalizing   Glamorous

This fertile land   From country to city

Close at hand   Lament the artificial power

How much sweat   How much effort

Water this land   Blossom fruit

Pupate into a butterfly   Phoenix Nirvana   From wind to water

Wandering in this land

Will you still think of the hard work in the rice field

The smell of eel in the yard

In the light and shadow   That unforgettable nostalgia

Jiudiehe river scenery   Wei Zhijing   taken