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2021-11-25 17:17:48  作者:Literary frequency modulation

Afterheat flame / original

Looking up at the clouds and rain running and rumbling eight thousand miles away, he decided to be reborn suddenly. The three thousand surges flew straight down and merged into a stagnant water. He waited quietly for the waves when countless clouds in the sky fell to the ground She failed the full moon

Yuhua's cheeks are very clean, and the nib can't draw her. She hesitates a little. All traces have disappeared. When the white clouds float over my head, everything calms down, kisses bursts of fresh air, walks through the Bank of the secluded path, and the willows dance in the eyes. She walks barefoot into the heart of a flower, and allows time to flow in the branches

Waste heat is original 2021.11.8

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