The story of spring

2021-11-25 17:17:45  作者:Literary frequency modulation

  The real strength of a country is often reflected in disasters . In the spring of 2020 , New Coronavirus broke out in China . This virus brings a plague , And we in China also have a great national spirit . In front of the epidemic , Look at the white soldiers who have ever been afraid ? Abandoning his wife and son in that typical environment , Their typical characters are so commendable . We are united , It's support from all sides , It is the confidence and determination to win the epidemic .

  However , China certainly does not lack heroes , But villains are so rampant . There are seats with starting prices , Have died together , There are thousands of miles of poison , There are those who forget their righteousness for profit . But the most hateful thing is rumors , It's a rumor ! That is undoubtedly a virus that corrodes the national spirit . But its poisoner is not a bat , It is the class enemy of socialism . And the injured are the same , It's our people ! Only the soul of the people is valuable , Only it can be carried forward , China has made real progress . strengthen one's belief , Carry forward the soul of the people , Isn't this our spiritual strength to overcome the epidemic ? Adhere to the leadership of the CPC , Believe in government decision-making , Isn't this our methodology for winning the battle of epidemic prevention ? Don't gossip , Want science .

  I never speculate about the Chinese people with the worst malice . I praise the devotees , Although I can only shrink myself ; I despise villains , Although I can only abuse secretly . In this spring , I hope China will have more citizens from now on . Need to know , A few scattered spring flowers not only represent the coming of spring , Maybe it's spring , isn't it? ?

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