Dad who can use a smartphone

2021-11-25 17:17:27  作者:Literary frequency modulation

        Her father should be a cultural or intellectual , He was a professor before he retired . Her father is really a cultural man in the eyes of others , He is often asked to give a report and talk about tall topics . But her father's ability to live is poor , It's all her mother's work . Her mother is not a housewife, but a nurse . She always said that her mother used to her father . She's busy , Only the Spring Festival comes back to accompany them in a year . She taught them to use smart phones three years ago , Installed wechat , Teach them to use . She later regretted what she had done . thus , Her father sends her some news almost every day . Her father also wants to express some insightful views on hot events , Or send it to her by voice . At first she would reply to her father , After receiving it, there will be no reply . In the future, she wants to delete her father . She never thought of a knowledgeable Professor father , How can you believe the news that has no basis and no logical thinking . Old people are really terrible ! She's really bothering Dad , The red dot in wechat flashed. It must have been forwarded by her father again .

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