New Year picture Fuwa

2021-11-25 17:17:25  作者:Literary frequency modulation

I haven't picked up the brush for a long time , I've been at home recently because of the epidemic , Pick up the brush , Little by little , take your time ……

Start with the line drawing , Start coloring step by step ……

In coloring , The dark color that feels the most difficult to grasp , It's easy to mix colors if you're not careful .

Xiaonian painting is finished , Although there are still many defects and deficiencies , After more than two years, I can pick up the brush again and start my painting journey , I feel very calm inside , Thinking of the original intention is not to enjoy the painting process ? Why care about the result , Now we can regain confidence , I'll keep going .

The second line drawing .

Color setting

Continue to work hard ……

The second picture is finished

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