scientific method

2021-11-25 17:12:21  作者:Photography

Until the exam is insufficient 60 God , Would rather give everything , There will never be any contraction , There will be no relaxation . meanwhile , And we must pay attention to methods 、 Strategy . Scientific methods will increase efficiency several times 、 Even dozens of times . Hard exploration , Brave trek , Cherish this struggle that determines life .

Get up early in the morning , Exercise well , This is the material basis of learning . It's very cold , Below zero 3-4℃. The colder it gets , The more you should strengthen your exercise , such , In order to ensure the health of the body , Alternate learning , Repeat the memory , Memories are in the form of , Understood as content , The perfect combination of the two , It must be the joy of success .

Yes 《 History of Sociology 》 We should pay more attention to understanding , Launch a key attack , Memories of other things that should go up in cycles .

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