Road   to   Photography ~ 150 days

2021-11-25 17:09:59  作者:Photography

Talk about my photography every day ……

Thinking about the idea of photography

How to make good use of the guide line in the picture , To attract the audience's attention .

seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function ~ The guide line is to point to , Guiding lines , It can be a concrete line , Picture track , Wires in the sky, etc , Make good use of perspective , The guide line of the picture gradually points to the Yellow tram .

In addition, the balance of the picture is also very important , Although the building on the right looks tall , But the building is relatively empty ; Look at the picture on the left, although the architectural figures are relatively small , But the content is more dense than the right . Such a contrast , Big and small ; The contrast between emptiness and sparsity also balances the picture , Make the whole picture more attractive .

Okay , Today's sharing is here , Looking forward to tomorrow ……