Daily good book share part 12 of "learn to ask questions"

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brace “ demonstration ” The three pillars of the building : The thesis 、 Conclusions and reasons , In this section, learn how to find the right... For your argument 、 Good reason , This is a promotion 、 A sharp weapon for oral expression .

Read on today 《 Learn to ask questions 》, The theme is “ reason ”, It is also the fourth chapter of the book . The previous chapter talked about the topic and conclusion , Then why do you hold such a view ? If the argument does not contain an explanation or logical basis , Then we can agree or disagree .

Ten 、 The tenth question about this book , It is also the second one in the book 【 key problem 】: Why ?

( One ) The definition of reason

reason (reasons ), A belief used to support or prove a conclusion 、 evidence 、 metaphor 、 Analogies and other statements , Is why we should believe the explanation or basis of a conclusion .

( Two ) The purpose of reason

Only by finding a reason to support the conclusion , To judge the value of the conclusion . Finding supporting reasons for conclusions is an essential step in the use of critical thinking .

demonstration (argument) And reasoning (reasoning) It means the same thing , It means supporting another idea with one or more ideas . The argument itself has several characteristics : Argument must have a purpose . Hope to persuade us to believe something or act in a certain way .

The quality of argument varies . We need to rely on critical thinking to determine the quality of an argument .

The argument has two obvious necessary components , A conclusion and its supporting reasons .

( 3、 ... and ) How to find the reason

1. Start the process of questioning