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The chair doesn't understand —— Why are the people above silent ? Hold your cell phone, bow your head and don't talk , I don't think it's called life , go .

The chair is confused —— Why are the people above happy ? Keep raising your fat buttocks to vent , The chair can't stand the air , ran .

The chair is afraid —— Why do the people above stamp their feet ? Banging on the table, yelling and shouting , The chair trembled with fear , Paralyzed .

The chair secretly likes —— Why do the people above sing love songs ? A gentle voice haunts the night sky , Spring waves are rippling in the heart of the chair , drunk .

The chair sleeps hard —— The feeling of acacia is breathtaking . The boy picked her up , It's lonely to keep the chair alone in the boudoir , Sleep .

2021 year 11 month 4 Japan

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