Visible results -- Yu Fu (original)

2021-11-25 17:04:40  作者:Photography


Like an oak larva

Limited energy intake

Within the scope of one's own cognition

I began to get used to doing what I wanted

Looks like he's in a panic

The process from scratch is really wonderful

Everyone wants to get rid of themselves and be extraordinary

Use the wheel of fate as a turntable to sharpen your mind

Experience the thrill again and again

Not everyone knows how to choose

How can you enjoy the beauty of life without experiencing the suffering of life

Except for the realm of life and death

We still have any feelings and grudges that we can't let go

Wave goodbye to the past

There's no need to waste time

Come into this world

We were gambled

I know it's a show that has no return

To deduce the process incisively and vividly is that the world is worth

Earlier or later

One more step or one less step

They just sing the praises of their youth