On Buddhism (serial 6)

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The sixth time The spread of Buddhism in China ( Wei, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties )

The Buddhist scriptures of the three kingdoms are mostly Sanskrit , Zhi Qian collected many books , Translated into Chinese , Make it popular . From the second year of Sun Quan and Huang Wu ( A.D. 223 year ), To Sun Liang's second year of Jianxing ( A.D. 253 year ), For more than 30 years , He translated 《 Great brightness limitless Sutra 》《 Vimalakirti Sutra 》《 The great Amitabha Sutra 》《 My business is 》《 Ben Qi Jing 》《 First Shurangama Sutra 》、《 Daban Ni Huan Sutra 》 Equal size times thirty-six classics , Forty eight volumes . He also based on 《 Wuliang Shoujing 》 And 《 Nakamoto Sutra 》, A literary creation 《 Praise Bodhisattva and chant Buddhist Chants 》 Three deeds , Make the story in the Sutra through the singing and praising tone , Through music .

Three Kingdoms Wu Huangwu three years ( A.D. 224 year ), Wei Zhinan and Zhu Leiyan ( Zhu Jiangyan ) Come to Wuchang , Translated French sentence Classics Volume II 、 Chamo Bodhisattva Sutra four volumes , Only two monks are not good at Chinese , The words of the translated Sutra are quite ambiguous .

Ten years of Wu chiwu ( A.D. 247 year ), Monk Kang will go to Jianye , Build huts and place Buddha statues , Determined to spread Buddhism in Jiangnan . The classics he translated are 《 Ananda recites the Sutra 》、《 Mirror King Sutra 》、《 Chawei King's Sutra 》、《 The Vatican King's Sutra 》 etc. , But the most important thing is to tell the story of Sakyamuni's previous life 《 Six degree Sutra 》.

During the period of Cao Wei Jiaping of the Three Kingdoms ( A.D. 249 year —254 Every year ) Indian monk Tan kejialuo came to Luoyang, the capital of Wei . Tan kejialuo brought his own legal code from Tianzhu , Delete the complex and extract to translate a Book 《 Monks are wary 》. In order to enable monks to fulfill the precepts , Set up a altar in the White Horse Temple , And served as a precept master together with the precepts from the western regions , Give precepts to monks . The first monk of the state of Wei to give precepts was Zhu Shixing . The spread of Buddhism in the state of Wei , Since then, we have embarked on a new stage , Born with an independent religious attitude . In the first year of Jingyuan, Emperor Wei and yuan of the Three Kingdoms (260), Zhu Shixing from Yongzhou ( Now the northwest of Chang'an County, Shaanxi Province ) set out , Wade through Liusha River to Khotan ( Today, Hotan, Xinjiang ), obtain 《 Guangguang Prajna Sutra 》 Original , Copy 90 Chapter , about 60 swastika , In the third year of Taikang, Emperor Wu of Jin Dynasty ( A.D. 282 year ) Send disciple Fu Rutan and others back to Luoyang . It is the beginning of seeking Dharma for Chinese monks traveling westward .

In the first years of Emperor Wu of Jin Dynasty ( A.D. 265 year — A.D. 274 year ), temple 、 Images 、 Buddha and so on , Generally respected , however 《 Prajna Sutra 》 The classics of Fang Bu are still in the western regions , It has not yet spread to China . Zhu FA's hair care is angry and determined to promote the Dharma , Travel around the western countries with my teacher . Zhu fahu's translation of the classics in all his life 154 Ministry 309 volume (《 Out of the collection of three Zang records 》 load ), It is the top translator of Jin Dynasty . Master Huiyuan ( A.D. 334 year — A.D. 416 year ), In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, eminent monks . Ju Lushan , Build a pure land like Liu Yimin , It is the ancestor of Pure Land Sect . The sixth year of emperor Xiaowu of the Eastern Jin Dynasty ( A.D. 381 year ), In Lushan “ Longquan jingshe ”, He preached that . Daoan , He was an outstanding Buddhist scholar in the pre Qin Dynasty , Born in A.D 312 year , Die A.D 385 year , Advocate the unity of monks and nuns to “ Interpretation of the ” It's a surname , From generation to generation , It has become a major feature of Chinese Buddhism .

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