Shajiabang in Reed Marsh (XV)

2021-11-25 16:47:02  作者:Photography

The dance of the wind

A good time , Always so short .

Farewell “ Luhuafang , The smell of rice , A line of willows on the bank ” Shajiabang scenic spot , It seems that Beijing Opera is still echoing in my ears 《 Shajiabang 》 The classic aria in , I can't calm down for a long time .“ Learn from a pine on the top of the mountain , Stand tall and proud of the sky . Eight thousand miles, the storm can't blow down , Nine thousand thunders are hard to blow ……”

Whether by land or water , When we walk through the tall and dense reed marshes , Everyone fully felt and appreciated the magnificent poems written by the soldiers of the New Fourth Army and the Japanese aggressors in the past .

There are not only beautiful wetland scenery here , What's more, it once had historical significance , Brave sister-in-law ah Qing 、 Jian Guang Guo 、 Grandma Sha and the brave and unyielding soldiers of the New Fourth Army have fought here , Close cooperation between the army and the people 、 The story of the heroic struggle against Japan will always be sung in this hot land .

A red trip to Shajiabang , Let's really feel the revolutionary situation in the reed marsh beside Yangcheng Lake , Once again, I remember the dedication and lofty ideals of the Communists during the war .

The dance of the wind

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