1174 | wind from all over the world: Sanskrit sound falls in the valley and flowers bloom next time. 【2021.11.09】

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chart 、 writing / Enjoy life more and more Part1 key word : time 、 Thumping 、 where? at what place?

    In my eyes , Music gives birth to a pair of wingless wings , Wandering through the boundless River and sea , Splashing sweet waves , Condensed into beautiful notes in time , Chasing, jumping and pouring into your ears , Fall in the shadow of flowers and trees , Fall in every day of flower floating window .

    In my heart , I think music has an old soul , Indifferent to the joys and sorrows of the world , Passing through every landscape in the world , Like a fairy , Idle sweep falling flowers , Transparent and indifferent , Listen to the running water , Time warms . Stroll outside the bright clouds , Live among the plants in the mountains , Sit still on a dead branch , Birds come and go , Wake up circles of sleeping rings , After a slight tremor, it is classified as calm , The birds nearby go to the wind and the waterfall sounds , The heart lake is calm without waves .

    Or live in seclusion in a flower , Listen to her soft breathing , Even and firm . Walk through the four seasons calmly , Look down on the clouds , Fragrance under the moon . Take back the eyes that stay in a Book , Slowly close your eyes , Riding Chen Zitui's 《 Twilight misty rain 》, Turn into a butterfly and start from the morning , To the silent Valley .

    Through a courtyard at the foot of the mountain , I can't help but stop my eyes . here , The earth is hazy , The light is gentle , Mist enveloped the front and back of the house , A tree is ashamed of the fragrance of flowers in the distance , distance . Every plant and tree , One courtyard and one room are painted with quiet colors , Like a picture of someone else in the depths of white clouds . The morning dew is still sleeping , A sweet dream , Perched in a bowl of crystal clear silence .

    The crisp bird song awakened the hostess in the room , She walked out of the yard with a light step , Raise your hand and rub your sleepy eyes , Gather the flowers and plants in the yard one by one , Show a peaceful face . Sweep to the wall , Clusters of roses in full bloom , It's gorgeous , very pretty and charming , Push away the mist and burst into your eyes with a smile , I feel refreshed , Smile .

    Stretch out , Pick up the fragrance of flowers in the courtyard one by one , Rub it into your arms , At that time, joy grew one after another , Open in every ordinary day , Sprinkle it on every meal , Sewn into the clothes of a family of three . Life is quiet , I live happily all my life . I twist a wisp of sweet flower fragrance into my mouth , Chew slowly , Into the throat aftertaste .

    Fold this scene of happy dawn pastoral painting and put it in your heart , Go back to the details . Pick up a note , Go up the mountain alone , Go to the distant mountains like Dai , Into the green mountains , A mass of green rushed at me , Poured with the fragrance of clear grass . Here insects sing and frogs fill their ears , The sound of springs and waterfalls cleanse the heart , Put on a fresh morning light to go deep , Two sleeves with fragrance , The wind under my feet , Not far away .

    After walking for half a day, he suddenly turned back , Footprints scattered behind me , It seems to grow into the appearance of time , Crawling on the way to , Deep and shallow , if . It's like looking back at life , Youth is gone , Peach blossom seclusion , Memory mottled , Light fragrance residue . The valley is a little deep ? Isolated and dust-free . This song 《 Twilight misty rain 》 Falling into the valley like Sanskrit , Turn into thousands of rays of light and float away , Caress the sleeping flowers , Sound breathing lost in the soul of last night .

    At the time , The mist faded , The wind and smoke are quiet , Second bloom , Fragrance floating . Their souls are pure and clean , be spotlessly clean , Keep your heart , Joy and freedom . they , Swaying in the wind and rain , Practice between heaven and earth , Not pleased by external gains , Not saddened by personal losses . they , Are devout believers , It takes a lifetime to reach the pilgrimage in your heart , Act honestly , Smell step by step . Part of the text summarizes the following books

Part2 Double check every day 、 Keep improving

Only true self-discipline can lead to true freedom

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