Screen Nebula original / heart travel ~ Chapter 103

2021-10-14 10:05:02  作者:Photography

《 Screen Nebula 》

original / Heart travel ~ The first 103 piece

chart / writing : Bi Yi

      Most people who like photography like watching movies , After all, movies are derived from photography . One is static artistic expression , One is dynamic artistic presentation .

      Photography can be post processed , Movies can also be post edited , The purpose is to present the best effect and picture to the audience , It is also to extract the content that can best reflect the theme and keep it as a piece .

      therefore , Photographers watch more movies , It is also a good way to learn and learn from , Those composition forms are interlinked , Those color expressions are to set off the atmosphere , And those narrative forms , It can also give some reference to the creation of group photos .

      This work was shot in the film museum in Beijing ,1 The walls of exhibition hall No. 1 are inlaid with winding corridors . Tourists walk slowly up , You can easily walk into other exhibition halls on the fourth floor , You can also wander among the changing movie posters , A close group photo with a star , In the same frame as the classic cross time and space .

      Stand in this position and shoot upside down , The corridor with three floors is in an arc shape and gradually becomes smaller , It feels like an entrance to the universe , A whirlwind blew , You can wave your wings , Fly towards the distant Milky way .

      And those constantly changing screens , Familiar stars appear in turn , Look at these classic pictures , That story line immediately appeared in front of me .

      These screen images go down in history , These movie stars are shining , In this museum with the highest level of Chinese films , The stars are shining , Shining in China .