If we meet again

2021-10-14 10:04:57  作者:Photography

        life , Always caught off guard . In the past , Always come on .

        The last time I went to a friend's wedding , Met a classmate . Talking and talking , He said : Yours xx Get married , You know not ? I answer : I do not know! . And he said , Married a Xianyang sister . I answer : After high school , I haven't contacted much . That's it , Thoughts floated back to high school .

        That was the second time I cried for him , But it ends in love , It's about friendship . After one night's self-study , I learned about his follow-up from the boy who used to be in his class . Forget how to start the topic , I just remember when I returned to the dormitory that day , Secretly cried for a long time . The more I think about it, the more I feel sad , Tears can't stop flowing . therefore , Crying and falling asleep . because , Something bad happened , It had a bad impact on him . the second day , The classmate asked , The eyes are a little swollen , Is the great aunt coming . I answer , Yes .

        First cry , Because the advertisement failed . Friends stop xx, Ask him for an explanation , He said , Treat me as a friend . Hear me here , Go straight to the dormitory , I cried on my stomach for a while . It should be for a while , I don't remember anything later . Just remember , The rest of us , Very good relationship , Study hard together , Play table tennis together . There is a , We just started fighting , I took advantage of the chance to serve , He lost the first goal . Until now, , I still remember his surprise .

        Think back to yourself , There is only one feeling : Young self , fearless 、 brave .

        Look at yourself now , Secular prejudice , Trivial life , Always unable to escape .

        If we meet again , I hope you can have a simple greeting . After all , Long time no see .