Why are we afraid of missing?

2021-10-14 10:04:54  作者:Life journey

Busy all day , Do you have to turn to... To brush the circle of friends “ Last time I saw this ”;

618、 A double tenth , If you don't buy anything , Do you feel like you missed the opportunity to offer a discount ;

Two hours without looking at your cell phone , Are you worried about missing important information , Even if it's a holiday with my family ;

        We always worry about what we'll miss , As small as a special event 、 What's new in the circle of friends 、 An article that may change itself 、 Big investment opportunities 、 The growth of children ......

        2013 year , The Oxford dictionary contains a new word called “FOMO”, intend “ Afraid to miss ”, such “ Worry that exciting or interesting events may be happening elsewhere ” The feeling of , go by the name of “ Lose fear ”.

        Afraid to miss , Often let us fall into another choice may be a better choice difficult 、 as well as “ I wish I had known ” Anxiety .

        Chose a long stream of water on the road , I wonder if there are mountains and seas on the other road , The more I think “ If that would be better ”, It's hard to be satisfied with the current life .

        Confidence is the best antidote to the fear of missing , It's a kind of “ Whatever you do and choose , Have the confidence to live well ” The feeling of .

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