set out

2021-10-14 09:08:46  作者:Photography

Time spent with family always passes quickly , I'm glad to grow up in a loving environment , Thank dad for cooking delicious food for us these days , Thank mom for working so hard , Thank my brother for bringing me a lot of food , Thank you for everything . Now we all pass on love , To our little baby Take good care of , That's good .

In other words, raising children is really a troublesome thing , The deep feeling of playing with my niece these days . So special thanks to mom , Mom is really hard , It's really great . Love my parents .

Parting is a necessary lesson in our life , The road of life is always to go by yourself , We can't grow up under the protection of our parents forever , After all, we have to face the world by ourselves .

So we set off again . set out , It's for better return . Looking forward to the next meeting with my family . I wish you all success in everything ~