2021-10-14 09:05:27  作者:Photography

When playing with mobile phones , Accidentally saw two O Poetry and poetry competition in 2001 , On a whim, click the link to sign up , That's good , Check the pseudonym like registered permanent residence , Telephone , Contact information , Personal introduction, etc . Although this is normal , But in the late stage of lazy cancer, I just think how can I be so troublesome Ծ‸Ծ, But it's done bit by bit , Works in the newspaper . Soon , The other party sent a link to my work , Said I could send a circle of friends to get help or something . I'm a little depressed with limited communication , hum , How can we use this way to review , Unfair <(ToT)>. Come on come on --||, So I sent it to my circle of friends , Ask old friends from all sides for help , Think of everything you can think of , see , Send a link to Jianshu ヾ ^^

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