Zui beautiful Tongli night is more and more wonderful

2021-10-14 09:05:25  作者:Photography

nightfall , Many tourists came here with admiration , Pour into Tongli .

Fire trees and silver flowers never stay up in the sky , Tongli ancient town is very noisy . During the National Day holiday , Tongli ancient town is full of tourists during the day , In the evening, it is even more lively .“ Busy Wujiang night zui Beautiful night in the same place ” The national day night set opened brightly , All kinds of delicious 、 interesting 、 Nice new things gather in Tongli ancient town , Appeared at the national day market . tongli , This millennium ancient town , Combine the beautiful night scenery with the lively market , It has brought an all-round prosperous feast to tourists from all over the world .

In front of the ancient stage in Tongli Tuisi square , Tourists from all over the world drink beer and listen to the movement DJ, No fun .

National Day holiday , Invite friends to Tongli ancient town , Feel the little beauty here !

“cheers!” Under the tongligu stage , In the soft language of Wu Nong , From time to time, there are sounds of foreign languages . In Tongli ancient town , Blonde foreign tourists are never new , Because Tongli is the Tongli of the world ! Taking advantage of the holiday , Tourists from all over the world gather in Tongli ancient town , They were drinking beer in front of the ancient stage , Listen to me DJ, Combine the ancient charm with the modern style with fashion and leisure “ Mashup ”. 

The lights are just beginning to shine , The ancient town has another charming style .

The sound of oars is , Smashed a river of Qinghui . Water waves flow , A thousand year story flows . To Tongli , This one has “ Oriental Venice ” A famous ancient town in the south of the Yangtze River , Tourists like to take a hand rocking boat . Sitting on a boat , Listen to the boat lady singing folk songs , Enjoy the scenery on both sides . The boat swayed , Like a duckweed , In the water lane of Tongli for thousands of years . Street shops on both sides , Like a movie , Move back slowly , This time , It often makes people in a trance : I do not know the sky palace , What year is this evening ?

Opera performance in the retreat garden , Let's feel the cultural charm of the Millennium water town .

“ How could I fully relish the enchanting sight on a fine day after knowing this? , Who's home to enjoy ……”

“ You are like a beautiful family , timesong ……”

Tuisi Garden , Night Garden , A classic Kunqu Opera 《 The peony pavilion 》 It's on . The pure tone is euphemistic , The two love each other . Du Liniang and Liu Mengmei on the stage are meeting in a dream . The people in the play are perfectly combined with the scenery in the garden , So that tourists can't tell whether it's a dream or true , be personally on the scene , delude one to folly .

Immersive Garden Night Tour .

“ Floating cloud dispersion , The bright moon shines on people ……” As a new garden night tour , Tuisiyuan launched “ Retreat and invite the moon ”, Take a marching night tour + Characterized by immersive drama , It consists of light and shadow scene technology and live performance , Show the four seasons in the light , Highlight the style in the details . 

Mr. Chen from Hangzhou and his friends , In Tongli ancient town 、 Chatting , Feel the slow life here .

Muwanshang leisure Street , Known as a bar street . Every family is built adjacent to the water , Every household lives at a discount . The twilight Bay in the night is still , Neon flashes , The song floated , Full of fashion and romance , both “ Small bridge 、 Running water 、 The somebody else ” Jiangnan Water Town style , And shaped “ There is a carrier 、 There is memory 、 It's characteristic ” Tongli night tour culture and tourism brand .

“ sister , I'll take this !” The little sister saw something new , I can't move at once .

“ Ten kebabs ! Two more beers !” Young people see barbecue , Saliva immediately flooded my mouth .

“ Come on, come on , Let's take a picture together !”

A thousand year old town , A lively night collection , Draw a flowing picture of Suzhou's prosperity . 

During the National Day , There is a trendy night market in front of the ancient stage of retreat square every night .

You stand on the bridge to see the scenery , People watching the scenery look at you on the bridge . 

The moon decorates your window , You decorate other people's dreams .

This National Day holiday , Invite your friends to Tongli ancient town . Wandering in the bright and charming night in Tongli , Drink tea and wine , Watching lanterns and listening to music , Feel the different flavor of the ancient town , Taste the most authentic Jiangnan slow life .