Thoughts of family and country (5)

2021-10-14 08:28:36  作者:Photography

        The epidemic is not far away , I didn't go anywhere during the National Day holiday , Stay at home with my mother-in-law , And happy brothers and sisters . Since retirement and unemployment , Began to deliberately alienate holiday travel , Get rid of traffic congestion , Avoid the bursting of the scenic spot , Enjoy the leisure of home .

        I stopped by Zunyi old city that day , Quite a bit of emotion . Most of the places in memory have changed , Although the streets are wide 、 The building is neat 、 The planning and decoration are also very beautiful , But I just can't find the feeling of closeness . How it used to feel ? Does it feel as good as it is now ? Why can't you forget that feeling ? For a moment and a half, it's really a little unclear . When you were young , It's completely different from now , At that time, everything was not satisfactory , I can't wait to start all over again and change with each passing day . At this age , I began to miss what I looked like at that time : A bumpy road 、 Old and shabby low houses 、 A snack stand at the entrance of the alley exposed to the sun and rain …… Although I know this is not what it used to be , I never forget . Zunyi old city has a family for hundreds of years “ Laosha Lane ”, The alley is deep 、 Narrow road 、 The paving is shabby , It's delicious. There's an endless stream of customers . I still remember there is a dumpling seller at the corner of the alley , There are four dumplings in a bowl for one yuan , They have the same price for a bowl , Of course, it's a lot bigger , The flow of people eating large dumplings in his family continues , It tastes great naturally , But somehow the old store is gone . Two years ago “ Laosha Lane ” After transformation, it takes on a new look , Reasonably speaking, the roadway is wider 、 The shop is bright , The management is standardized , It should feel better . But a few times , Also ate a lot , Just can't find the good feeling of the past , Ask your mother-in-law 、 Brothers and sisters , They feel the same way . There is a narrow lane in the middle of the road to the park , There is a shop selling fried potato at the entrance of the alley, which is very inviting , A few cents 、 You can eat a plate for a dollar , For more than 20 years . Now there are time-honored signboards at the entrance of the alley , Stalls become shops , What I do is still the business of Frying Potato , I visited once a few months ago , Although the stall owner is still the same stall owner , But the original alley atmosphere is no longer 、 The taste has changed .

      Before, we didn't understand the sense of historical massiness , I don't know what the unique value of history is , Now I seem to have found some feelings . That's what used to seem ordinary , After years of ups and downs , Look old 、 Become scarce 、 It's about to disappear , The beauty left in people's memory will appear . This kind of beauty may be what we often call nostalgia , Or the details , Or immeasurable historical value .

Reader comments :

Baozhu ( Visiting group members in Germany )

      Lean on my brother and friend 、 Far and near , It started by accident , It's also inevitable ! Twelve years ago, we went to Germany for an investigation and first gathered in Beijing , Meeting is roommate , More photos on the way , Although there are ages and generations , But upright and wise, I lament that it is not as good as ! Later, I saw the essay , hand , To the heart , Wonderful ! After retirement, , Hidden in the city , Be full of interest , Enviable ! During Australia , Family and country feelings and true feelings flow , the world will be blessed with harmony and unity .

Li Xian ( Former colleagues )

Read leaning 《 Essay book 》 From the first to a hundred , I seldom comment, but I read every issue , I like to record this kind of random thoughts , Love of life 、 Persistence in one thing is worth learning , We look forward to your next hundred articles .

( The illustration of this article is taken by the author in the old city of Zunyi )