Autumn wind

2021-10-14 08:08:21  作者:Photography

The autumn wind is coming , Leaves rustle down , Some fall into the river , Here comes the fish , It's like an umbrella , Blocked the fish in the water , Some fell into the fields , A little ant came running , Just take it home as a blanket , Some fell on our roof , Others fell on the side of the tree , Can not stop the autumn wind blowing leaves bleak , The wind and rain blew all over the city .

The autumn wind is coming , It took the last leaf from the tree , It comes from spring , Through the summer , Leaves leave this autumn , There's no silver lining ! The autumn wind blows , The grass in the field has turned yellow , The fallen branches and leaves of the tree are very bleak , Maple leaves are red , The crops in the rice fields are ripe , Sorghum blushed , It's like drinking wine ! The corn is ripe, too , When the seeds are ripe, they are full , The fruit of victory is showing off like a partner !

The autumn wind blows , The washing of an autumn rain makes your sleepy eyes hazy , Experienced the test of hot summer , Experienced the grinding of time , The autumn wind is very quiet and cool , The autumn wind blew down the whole field , Blowing down a mountain , Blowing a stream , It also woke up my sleepy eyes , And my heart , Let me understand how to gain without paying ! Let me see that the hardship of migrant workers is not because they don't work hard, but because they don't have the opportunity to study ! Therefore, we should cherish the present and study hard , Cherish the present opportunity , Can't grasp why the present forgets the future !

A gust of autumn wind hit , Blowing my hair , Blowing over the pages in my hand , I didn't understand , You can't come to this world in vain , Always do something for yourself ! Do what you want to do , Set sail here , Write the life chapter of the heart , Think about the future , not pleased by external gains, not saddened by personal losses ! In this golden season , Until the autumn wind rises , When to go back to your hometown ! For the heart , May one be lonely !