Green Angel - green heron

2021-10-14 05:12:43  作者:Photographic literature

Another weekend morning , Take a walk by the lake , Miami in Mid Autumn Festival , There are still many mosquitoes , Buzzing in my ears from time to time , Kiss deeply on your body . It's a little muggy , My mind is not as peaceful as usual . Suddenly a green heron by the water , It caught my eye , I can't help stopping , Observe .

Green heron , Like other waterfowls , The secret of success in fishing , Focus and speed ! When you focus, you don't move for a few minutes . Target appears , Reach the attack range , Then thunder and lightning , Hit everything . Compared with other herons , The green heron has short legs and short body . The common thing is bozichang , Bo Zichang is the survival need of fishing , And the result of gradual evolution !

The number is much less than that of egrets and blue egrets , relatively speaking , Not many people know ! Its behavior and temper are a little strange . Poor group concept , Flocks of green egrets are rarely seen . It belongs to the cold beauty of waterfowl ! A colored angel with a good heart and a cold face !

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