If only there were no struggle

2021-10-14 05:12:38  作者:Photographic travel works

    Lions, tigers, big gray wolves and other animals , Because they don't breed 、 planting , Live for a living , Only by hunting and even fighting among the same species 、 To rob , Life-and-death , fling caution to the winds . So call them low-level animals .

    And humans , Have thought and wisdom , Gradually mastered the domesticated animals to serve themselves , Farmed animals eat their meat 、 Mou Qipi ; Master the cultivation of food , Spinning cloth, making clothes, building houses, etc , Clothing, food, housing and transportation all get rid of low animals for more than 70 or 80 streets , Beyond hundreds of millions of miles , And continuous progress and rapid development , So that the animals will never catch up . Humans call themselves advanced animals , And no named intermediate animals , It also shows that they are animals on earth , Humans are much taller than lions, tigers and wolves , There's no comparison .

    Humans could have relied on their own super intelligence , Rely on your own hands , Rely on Socialized division of labor and cooperation , Get the material level 、 Advanced enjoyment at the spiritual level , Sunrise and , whether , Live a peaceful and peaceful life , To reproduce , Evolution from generation to generation , Continue to move to higher levels . however , Human predatory possessiveness , The desire to dominate has always retained the nature of low-level animals , Slow evolution or no evolution at all , The fight has been going on , And in all aspects, it is always impossible to prevent . Why are people tired ? If you don't attack, you have to defend . From country to country , As small as people . A large part of financial, material and human resources are spent on fighting and defense . What a waste !

    If the country does not have an army , Do not develop weapons , Financial, material and human resources are used to develop people's livelihood , There is only a different division of labor between people , There is no high or low , The hard, dirty and dangerous work is left to the robot , This is the advanced life of advanced animals , Peace and harmony , Enjoy life .

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