Autumn morning

2021-10-14 05:12:29  作者:Photographic travel works

Ye Jufang

A little yellow

**          1.《 Autumn morning by the river 》**

          The autumn wind is blowing and the autumn morning is cool ,

          Autumn dew is shining and autumn leaves are yellow .

          Autumn grass is luxuriant, adding autumn color ,

          Autumn flowers are gorgeous and admire the autumn sun .

Rising sun

Grass is like a stick


Pu Sui Huang

**          2. 《 Morning and Autumn 》**

          The rising light reflects the pond ,

          Crystal dew dyed autumn yellow .

          The leaves are thin, the branches are curved, and the red fruits are decorated ,

          Cattail grass shakes without panic .

galsang flower

mother chrysanthemum

          3.《 Autumn flowers and autumn grass 》

          Looking at the beach in the distance, the scenery is barren ,

          Close look at the grass, a little yellow .

          Everything loses its vitality in autumn ,

          Only wild chrysanthemums compete for fragrance .

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